new iPhone 8 coming out in 2017


While Apple is known to keep its secrets impenetrable, the firm could not lock the information coming from its massive supply chains. The latest leaks indicate that the Apple brand to be released three new iPhone coming out in 2017 and for the first time in 4 years Apple could increase the price of the Iphone.

The news we come from two reliable sources as the authors of this information is neither more nor less than Mac Otakara which was the first site to indicate that Apple would remove the headphone jack of the iPhone 7 and Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities which is widely regarded as "the best analyst of Apple on the planet."

Together they complement the two halves of a fascinating puzzle: What Apple reservation with the iPhone 2017 will you Outer expensive.

An update of the IOS for iPhone 8

According Mac Otakara the Iphone 7S and 7S More Iphone will be virtually identical to previous generations (since the iphone 6 of 2014) with the same screens 4.7 and 5.5 inches.
These new phones will have new chips, better cameras and a red edition will come. This is probably the RED Edition of which a portion of sales is to fight against HIV.

But do not despair so quickly since according to Kuo 7S versions and 7S plus would the database templates that will accompany the release of the Iphone 8. It should be equipped with a completely revised design. The Home key should disappear in favor of a key integrated in a brand new OLED screen. Also according to the new Iphone Kuo 8 could charge wirelessly through an induction system ...

By offering 3 iPhones at the same time Apple could shake the iPhone brand without risking offending clients that have crunched the apple. This would also mean that for the first time since 4 generations Apple could significantly increase its prices.

Start Saving

Those who are struggling to explain the price of their iPhone will look elsewhere since the Iphone 7S and Iphone 7S plus likely to remain on the same striped price than the iPhone 7 and 7 plus (between 769 and 989 dollar ), meanwhile the price of the iPhone 8 will climb.

It is pure speculation to say how much, but with the template Over 140 Dollar more expensive than the conventional model (4.3) we can imagine that an increase from 150 to 200 Dollar for the iphone 8 would make sense. Apple could thus increase its margins which have clearly decreased in recent years.

Does is an iphone 8 with a capacity of 256GB at 1200 dollar seems too expensive?
Maybe, but Apple does not care to raise prices when he thinks the products deserve it. After all, the company has just increased the base price of its MacBook 20% while that of the MacBook Pro 15-inch has jumped nearly 50%.

Incidentally, hope the problems of the iPhone 7 will be resolved by then.