iPhone 8: edgeless screen and removing the Home button confirmed gradually

With the iPhone 7, Apple has removed the jack port. With the iPhone 8, Apple will remove the home button. He may have changed with the iPhone 7 through haptic feedback, Apple will change his plans next year with the iPhone 8 according to the New York Times .

iphone 7 screen concept
iphone 7 screen concept

The next model is advertised to have a borderless screen and Home button integrated directly into the display. This rumor is not new, but the New York Times is an important medium to good sources it strengthens the hallways noises.

Previous rumors about the iPhone 8 announced that Apple will abandon the LCD, used since the first model came out in 2007 in favor of the OLED. Other novelties announced are a back glass, wireless charging and an iris scanner. He said that Apple could offer three models, one with a curved screen like the Galaxy S7 Edge of Samsung , but it's possible that Apple plans evolve over the coming months. This year, Apple had planned three iPhone 7, but only two have emerged.

To recap, Apple decided to go on a three-year cycle for its iPhone, where users were accustomed to change every two years. It is for this reason that the iPhone 7 looks like the iPhone 6 released in 2014. The "real" new iPhone will arrive in 2017.