iPhone 8: double photo sensor would always booked to model More

One of the strengths of the iPhone 7 Plus is the presence of a dual camera sensor in the rear, where the iPhone 7 has one. A sensor does the wide-angle and the other deals with the telephoto lens. Each offers 12 megapixels. But with the iPhone 8 expected in 2017, will do you hope to have the dual sensor on the 4.7-inch model?
iPhone 7 Plus Rear Camera
iPhone 7 Plus Rear Camera

The answer is no according to Ming-Chi Kuo. The analyst, who is very knowledgeable about Apple, think that the functionality offered by the dual sensor will not attract the general public. They will be very useful for certain users including photographers, but the "amateur" photo should be largely satisfied with the single sensor of the iPhone 7. The analyst added that the costs of dual sensor are also a point to be consideration and that is probably why it will remain exclusive to the plus model that costs more than the 4.7-inch iPhone.

Other information about the camera of the iPhone 8: optical image stabilization. With the iPhone 7 Plus, this stabilization is only present in the wide-angle sensor, not the telephoto sensor. iPhone 8, Apple should offer it on both.

It may be recalled that the 2017 iPhone will be called iPhone 8 and not iPhone 7s given the many expected innovations: OLED screen that occupies the entire front surface, Touch ID built into the display, wireless charging, better definition the screen, back glass and iris scan.