iPhone 8: Apple Awarded Patent around wireless charging

Wireless charging is still a project in development at Apple. Rumors suggest that Apple will offer the public the next year with the 2017 iPhone to be called iPhone 8 and not iPhone 7s. To recap, important innovations are planned (new design, OLED screen, more home button, etc.) and the name "iPhone 7s" can not agree.

Patent base Recharge wireless

Apple was granted a patent today which goes in the direction of wireless charging. It is a base on which the user could ask their iPhone and have a wireless charging. Samsung Galaxy already offer this feature, to the extent that the manufacturer has decided to improve them. Recharging was long at first, the time was reduced from with fast charging. It's not as fast as the fast charging with a cable, but delays are more than correct.

If you believe the rumors, Apple wants to go beyond a simple platform on which the iPhone is placed. Why? Because this base must be connected to a wall outlet, so interest may be considered limited. Apple would offer a truly wireless charging system, but this step is complicated because it would propose a proper recharging with electricity flowing through the air.

Apple still has a year to work on this project, hope it will be ready. This will also be the opportunity to recharge your iPhone and listen to music at the same time as the Lightning port will not be used.