iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: Release date, price and specs

The iPhone 7 will make its arrival in September with his version of "More." Two new models in the line of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus that should offer improved specs but a design that would remain the same. Here's everything we know about the biggest competitor to Android.
iphone 7 recap

New Phone Coming Out like to talk about the Android smartphones as well as competing products such as Apple's. Knowing that the firm at the apple remains the biggest competitors of manufacturers of smartphones in the Google OS, we could not miss the iPhone 7 if good comes under this name because from Venturebeat, model expected in September would offer so little innovation and so many similarities with the iPhone 6S that Apple could keep the iPhone 7 name for 2017 .

Here is our summary of the latest rumors on the date the next two models expected for September. Note that this is the moment that rumors could be confirmed or not. This file will be updated regularly as and when new information will make their arrival.

More power but a design that would remain unchanged

Given the first rumors, the iPhone 7 could almost be called iPhone 6SS . The design is expected to remain the same as on the models 2014 and 2015. As usual, we will find two versions of 4.7 and 5.5 inches but aesthetically, no revolution is to predict and because Apple expected to propose iPhone 7S with a new design and a new screen technology.

So it would be primarily a transition model. Some analysts already president besides a flop due to lack of presumed innovation. Note, however, that minor changes are expected from plastic strips for the side dishes and the photo sensor which now not exceed more. Finally this, still we wait to see!

For his part, even Apple does not believe in a success for the iPhone 7 . The company has, in fact, limited its component orders for this year. In addition, Apple also seek to bring down components of the iPhone 7 prices to generate more margins to avoid seeing its revenues fall.

Meanwhile, a new study reveals that 8 of 10 Apple users would buy the iPhone 7 despite his lack of innovations while a second suggests that only 10% of Apple users will buy iPhone 7 if the design is the same.
iphone-7 made

There is also the possible arrival of a new color replacing the sidereal gray, deep blue.

iphone 7 blue

And yet a new image confirming the much larger sensor on the iPhone 7.

New photos show us this time the 3 models of the iPhone. obviously we would have a normal model, a Plus model and a Pro model. We also note in these pictures there is no mention of "7" but an "s" number 7 quid to keep next year? We'll know in September.

Note that this year, Apple A10 processor would be manufactured only by TSMC , Samsung would be disqualified. Besides this processor starts talking to him with a first benchmark that shows a small improvement from the A9, it is even below the A9X in single core.

In addition, the iPhone 7 would offer 3GB of RAM against 2 GB for both models released last fall. Some rumors from January evoke, in turn, a larger battery and a 256 GB storage capacity, which would be rather good news knowing that Apple's smartphones do not offer micro SD slot.


Capacity and dual sensor seem to confirm this picture, and Apple would persist to a 16GB version, and would eliminate the 128 GB version for the 256.

A dual camera sensor on the back

Just as some Android upmarket released this year, the iPhone 7 Plus propose a dual camera sensor. This system would remain reserved for the model 5.5 inches would make wide-angle photos, as with the LG G5, and also improve the zoom and the quality of photos taken in low light. It would in any case a first for Apple and a strong argument against its Android competitors.

On the side of the version 4.7-inch, one imagines that one will find the same 12 megapixel sensor as the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. And it has just been confirmed with a photo stolen during a symposium of Foxconn , one sees the dual camera sensor of 12 MP iPhone 7 Plus.


iphone 7 dual sensor

The first iPhone 7 without jack

As the left already hear the source code of iOS 9.3 as well as the first pictures on the run, the two new models would be arriving with a component within the headphone jack, one element yet thought indispensable. With an iPhone 7 without jack , not only Apple could create thinner smartphones but especially revolutionize the smartphone market of headphones.

Without jack, there would be only two possible solutions: use a wireless headset or headphones connect via the Lightning port that was originally the load and data transfer and that would provide a high definition sound. Apple would also not alone in wanting to remove the jack from its smartphones . The Chinese manufacturer LEECO comes, for its part, to formalize three smartphones without jack with headphones to be connected via USB Type C.

However, it seems that Apple has heard the cries of its consumers and has gone back on its decision. Note that recent pictures of the iPhone 7 reconfirm the absence of jack . For their part, analysts at Deutsche Bank suggest that the iPhone 7 would be arriving with a jack adapter to connect to the Lightning port.

iphone 7 jack

There is also the option to have 4 speakers on the next smartphone from Apple, a bit like the latest iPad.

Iphone 7: Price and release date

Usually, the new iPhone come out on the market in the fortnight following their presentation after a period of pre-orders and the 2016 models should not deviate from this rule. Regarding prices, we already know that the addition is salty because the iPhone 6S is currently offered at 749 euros in 16 GB version, 859 euros in 64-GB and 969 euros in 128 GB version. And for the iPhone 6S plus, it takes between 859 and 1079 euros.

Prices next iPhone just fuiter , and they will possibly exorbitant even for Apple. These are prices that have leaked for 3 models:

The iPhone 7 would begin to € 704 for 32GB, € 815 for the 128GB model and finally € 950 for the 256 GB versions. The iPhone 7 Plus begin at € 815 for the 32GB version while the 126 GB versions and 256 GB are expected for € 923 and € 1,057. Let's finish with the Pro model whose prices are likely to do much talking, € 950 for the 32GB version, € 1,057 for the version 126 GB and finally € 1,192 for the 256 GB version.

Regarding the release date, Evleaks just revealed that it will probably be on September 16, his name could also not be  iPhone 7 but iPhone 6SE .