New leak iPhone 7: unchanged dimensions and revised design

New Iphone 7 Coming out

1 more months to wait before the official announcement of the new smartphone from Apple brand, and rumors already flowing: jack, virtual disappearance of bands separated antennas or dual-sensor, there are countless leaks regarding the future iPhone. The latest concerns the dimensions of the terminal, which would be visible on a recently obtained 3D sketch.

A single photo sensor moved slightly

3D drawing leaves appear that the back of the unit, which include the objective of the camera, and certainly the flash, a secondary micro or small autofocus.

The camera module would therefore be in the upper left corner, much closer sideband than was its predecessor. The orifice is significantly large and appears to have a slight protrusion relative to the housing. These comments had already been identified following the leak of an industrial sketch, which can only reinforce this hypothesis.

So it is in the presence of a single photo sensor and not a dual sensor as could have let the rumors suggest. This property could therefore only be reserved as a possible iPhone 7 Pro.
iPhone 7 dual camera sensor
iPhone 7 Dual Camera Sensor

IPhone 7 with similar dimensions to its predecessor

If the information is correct, one can read on the 3D sketch that the iPhone 7 would measure138.30 mm high and 67.12 mm wide: exactly the same dimensions as the iPhone 6s.

However, impossible to guess the thickness of the terminal. In this respect, rumors had reported an iPhone 7 to the reduced thickness of 6.1 millimeters, like the iPod Touch. Nothing allows us to confirm this hypothesis here, especially as some tend to reject the idea. Fortunately for us, new leaks can not delay and should help us to better outline the future iPhone ...
Iphone 7 Size