Samsung Galaxy Note 6: release date, price and specifications

The Korean firm also reserves some surprises for the Galaxy Note 6. A first rumor let hear from the Note 6 would be a hybrid device between a smartphone and a laptop, that is to say a phabtop (contraction PHABLET and laptop). Here is all that is currently known about the Note 6: news, rumors, prices and technical specifications. Latest rumor to date, the Galaxy Note 6 benefit of IP68 certification and perhaps even an iris scan

Samsung Galaxy Note 6: Design and finishing

Do not expect to concrete images, nor crispy information because we are far from being able to show the future Samsung Galaxy Note 6. However, we can imagine the dimensions of this smartphone future, there should be more larger than its predecessor in order to allow the user to use more screen. Like the evolution of S6 to S7, we do not expect exceptional news between the Note 5 and Note 6. In terms of design, we should have a smartphone premium appearance, featuring glass panels and a metal frame.

What makes the very particular rating range is their big screen. They are perfect for taking notes, working on Power Point presentations on the go, and obviously it is a treat to watch movies and play.

To the 6th generation of Galaxy Note, Samsung will perhaps bring a touch of innovation. A first rumor comes from the US site Patently Mobile has indeed found a patent filed by unveiling the Samsung Note 6 in a laptop dock. This is a S-Pen that folds in half, which can be handy since it can make tripod office, as you can see in the image below.
galaxy note 6

You can bend the stylus, half will remain inside, the other half on the outside

You simply have to insert the pen into the appropriate slot, then fold. You can use your device so inclined.
galaxy note 6 s pen
This foldable S-Pen will watch a movie comfortably.

Of course, it's not the technology that is revolutionizing the world of smartphones. It's a little more to facilitate the use of PHABLET / Anyway, the patent is and we hope he will be operated on the Galaxy Note 6.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6: screen quality

As reported by SamMobile, someone would have wrote on Weibo that the tablet will have a 5.8-inch AMOLED screen (ie 0.1 inch wider than on the Note 5), while the QHD resolution. In addition, the Korean company would abandon its style RGBG (red, green, blue, green) that makes it display more green subpixels than red and blue for the classic model RGB (red, green, blue).

If Samsung decided to put aside the Diamond PenTile technology, so it is likely that he made the RGB AMOLED stronger.
The Note 6 Will there really a 5.8-inch screen?
The Note 6 Will there really a 5.8-inch screen?

In addition, the screen of Note 6 should also also thinner, which will include a more powerful battery. According to Chinese society, the screen should provide a sensitivity of 1024 pressure levels while the Note 5 and Note 4 had in 2048.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6: software interface

Marshmallow should be preinstalled on the smartphone, and developers should have the opportunity to test Android N. In terms of software interface, Note 6 therefore has good potential. According to the latest rumors, it might even be possible that Android N is already on the smartphone, while the official name of the version is still unknown. According to a report by the Korean site The Bell rather knowledgeable in general, Samsung had planned to launch its Galaxy Note known as Grace codenamed Android N, the next version of Android. The information is not as stunning as this since the Developer Preview of Android N is available since mid-March. Google hopes to move out in 2016 and that, hoping to get a stable version of Android N for summer 2016.
New York cheesecake
What will be the final name of Android N?

The patents also seem to show that the computer is running Windows once the Note 6 is connected to the dock. This suggests that Samsung is planning to ship Android in Note 6 when it is used as a smartphone but also Windows when connected to the dock.

If that is the desire to Samsung, the Note 6 will have to be a super powerful machine to withstand both systems while providing a quality user experience. Galaxy Note series has always focused on multitasking and productivity. so we expect the same for the computer version of the Note 6.
Galaxy Note laptop dock patent resized
Here is the patent filed by Samsung for Mobile Note 6

In addition to benefiting from improved version Doze and the ability to respond to messages directly from the notifications menu, we also find a smarter S-Pen and many other functions. What more

Samsung Galaxy Note 6: Specifications

As concern the figures, Samsung did not laugh. The Galaxy Note 6 could embark 6GB of RAM. If the hypothesis of the hybrid device is confirmed, this amount of RAM would be interesting. If it does not, it is questionable utility.

Finally, the rumors of a main camera of 12 megapixels with a technology "OIS Super" and 128 or 256 GB of internal memory storage. It is likely that this is a similar camera to the Galaxy S7, or maybe even the same.

No data has leaked into the USB port or on the battery, but we hope that the smartphone will receive a minimum of fast charging technology.
Operating system     Android N (user interface TouchWiz)
Screen     5.8 inches qHD resolution Super AMOLED screen
Processor     -
RAM     6GB
Internal memory     128 GB
Camera     12 megapixels, dual-pixel
Drums     ?
Dimensions     ?
other features     - IP68 (sealing of 1.50m for 30 min)  - Probable iris scanner

SamMobile reports that the benefit Note 6 of the IP68 certification, like the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, which should help to keep the unit under water up to a meter and a half deep, and for a maximum of thirty minutes. But there's more: GalaxyClub claims that Samsung uses a bidder is "iris cam" for purposes of research and development. There is no explicit reference to Note 6, but it should be the next brand smartphone so there's likely that this technology is for him. It would be obviously a scan of the iris, but do not make plans on the comet.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6: release date and price

If we respect the habits, the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 should be presented at the end of next summer for a launch in September. In the past, the Korean company presented its new Note at the IFA in Berlin (the largest electronics fair general public) in early September but the Note 5 marked a change. Samsung seems to want now organize their own event in August.

However, if one still believes The Bell, Samsung has decided to advance the release of its Galaxy Note 6 to mid-July. The Korean giant could well outstrip longer the release of the new iPhone 7 Plus and conquer a new audience.

Although the Note 5 is not available in some contry, the new Note 6, due to its hybrid characteristics, could land in Europe next year. As for the price, it should not count below 799 euros at its launch. And if we want to get the dock to the computer, we can again expect exorbitant prices.

What do you think of this hybrid product? Will the S Pen disappear? What is new that you would see in the Note 6? Let us know in the comments.