Samsung Galaxy S7: features, price and release date

We just test the Galaxy S6, and even if it is exceptional, we already begin to imagine what will the Galaxy S7. It may be slightly early, but what better time to think about what the S7 must bring back than the output of the Galaxy S6, bringing a lot of joy and disappointments? Now that we know what we want, here are six aspects that we absolutely expect the future Galaxy S7!

Samsung Galaxy S7 Walpaper

Samsung Galaxy S6 Walpaper
Will he have the same design as its predecessor? Who know!

 1. Samsung Galaxy S7: A revolutionary design

The Samsung design evolves slowly over time: its flagship smartphone sports a new item every time, but it retains its rounded shape, while increasing subtlety and elegance. For once, we would like to design a real revolution: no longer rely on the security model that works, but be bold. HTC has done well -and - with its HTC One, Samsung you can too!

The possibilities are endless and we all have a design fantasy. Do not hesitate to entrust us yours in the comments! But in the meantime here's a Samsung Galaxy S7 concepts most attractive of the moment.

There is a single super thin sheet of metal, whose thickness is only used to house a 64-bit processor and a futuristic battery which will be discussed later. The screen of about 5.5 inches covers the entire smartphone, circled only ultra-fine steel edges. The camera placed in the upper right corner is rotatable allowing you to take photos at 360 ° C or quality selfies with flash!

Samsung Galaxy S7 Render
The imagination does it take us too far

2. Samsung Galaxy S7 An eye scanner to unlock the smartphone at a glance

It's official, thanks to the technology presented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona by Fujitsu, we now know that eye scanner can be integrated with a smartphone. How long will put Samsung to buy this technology and use it on its own high-end?

Fujitsu iris scanner
Just look at the sensor to unlock the smartphone in seconds!

Samsung has already used the eye scanners for some features on the Galaxy S5 (automatic unraveling pages or portrait / landscape for example), it is true that we expected to see already the Galaxy S6. The release did not arrive, we will have to wait a bit and continue to use our hands until they can do it in a snap!

3. Samsung Galaxy S7: A battery kinetic energy

Do not you think it's time to equip smartphones, regardless of brand, an ecological battery and infinite load? There is not necessarily a question of increasing the amperage, but to eliminate once and for all USB cables and plugs to develop a battery kinetic energy that could be recharged simply by movement.

How many of you are going for a jog with the smartphone on the arm, music in the ears and Runtastic application to measure your sporting activities? Imagine how cooldown you can create by not aware that 10 minutes a day? The technology is perfect: clean, infinite, it also pushes us to play sports and use the bike rather than the car. Too utopian world for Samsung?

Battery Nexus 5
Always a charged battery through our movement

4. Samsung Galaxy S7: A fully customizable interface

TouchWiz has made great progress in recent years and with the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung has not only developed a more sober and elegant design, but he also waived all brand services to create a fluid interface. With the next generation, Samsung could focus the strengths of all the best developers to offer us a new software completely customizable and rich in smart features.

A fully customizable interface, from top to bottom!

More than a search engine to find wallpapers and colorful themes, it would be appreciated that the brand offers us the possibility to install various launchers, each bringing a different and useful feature. These include the Z Launcher that allows us to quickly find an application by drawing the first letter of it on the screen or the possibility of having a drawer applications in three dimensions. Open the door to creativity!

5. Samsung Galaxy S7: Exynos processor or Qualcomm.

Despite the imminent launch of Galaxy Note 5, Samsung has already started working on the processor that will power the future Samsung Galaxy S7. We have seen how, with the Galaxy S6, the South Korean brand has set aside in favor of Qualcomm Exynos. It seems that the same strategy was adopted for the Galaxy Note 5.

But according to South Korean media, Samsung could opt for a different strategy for the S7. The firm is currently working on two versions of the S7 with the bizarre codename Jungfrau.

One model should offer a procesore Exynos Soc while the second variation would include a Qualcomm Snapdragon. No other details leaked but the brand would test both processors before deciding which one to choose for the future Galaxy S7 or opt for the two processors in the markets in which it is intended.

6. Samsung Galaxy S7: Android 6.0 Marshmallow

We still have no news of the official name of the next version of Android or its publication date. Lollipop Android 5.1 has just arrived on Nexus devices and is probably still far from the next major update, but the Samsung Galaxy S7 happen within a year and it could be one of the first devices to feature in the next version of Android M, which is assumed for the moment be called Marshmallow Android.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow: is it the name of the next update

The greatest innovation introduced by this update will certainly be its compatibility with other connected devices, including particularly cars and various accessories for the home automation. But we should also find small improvements that make the user experience more intuitive. Think, for example, extreme energy-saving mode integrated with Android services or innovative services that improve the connection to Android Wear.
And you, what do you want to see really innovative in the future Samsung Galaxy S7?

Updated: Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung also announced that production of its new modules of RAM with 12 GB LPDDR4 technology are ready for mass production. This new technology reduces energy consumption by 20% and is 30% faster compared to the previous 8GB technology.

The new technology also introduce 6GB of RAM on a smartphone. The Korean company also ensures that its next generation of smartphones will offer this feature. The S7 should therefore be the first smartphone to offer 6 GB of RAM. What support multitasking and provide a more efficient system that.

Samsung Galaxy S7: release date and price

The Samsung Galaxy S7 should be formalized, as every year, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next February (22-26 February 2016). The phone should then be launched during the following April.

And you, what do you expect the new Samsung Galaxy S7?