OnePlus Two: features, price and release date

In a recent official tweet, says the OnePlus Two design will be completely renovated, in addition to confirming the date of the official announcement. In parallel, a new benchmark issued on the web confirms most OnePlus Two characteristics.

OnePlus Two: Design and finishing

To open a breach in the design, it is reported that the OnePlus Two would have a more premium finish difference to the current One. According to the gossip, it would rely on a solid material: metal! Rather a good thing we could say goodbye to plastic, like Samsung, to enjoy a more robust smartphone, but that will certainly be more expensive marketing. Moreover, the statements all point in this direction.
OnePlus Two, OnePlus 2
OnePlus Two: features, price and release date
For this image, we see that the OnePlus Two design will be completely redesigned.

Update: In a message posted on his Twitter profile, the OnePlus manufacturer reports that the design concept of the second iteration of its Android smartphone will be completely retyped to be brought up to date. There are a few concepts on canvas, but no picture from any device prototype leaked for now. Again, it would be nice if OnePlus brings a removable battery and a micro-SD drive.

OnePlus Two: software interface

In honor of this second iteration, we want to believe that the latest version of Android will be offered. That said, no rumor does not mention the exact version that will be pre-installed on the smartphone.
Android Oneplus Two
Does the Chinese manufacturer has extended its partnership with Cyanogen Inc.? There is the whole question. The two buddies were somewhat fried in December 2014, if you'll pardon the term. So, we wonder what will happen to the future OnePlus Two that has - for now - no own version of Android.

OnePlus Two: technical specifications

According to the latest rumors, the screen that could be adopted on the OnePlus Two would be smaller than its predecessor. Currently built on a touch screen of 5.5 inches, it is raised that the second iteration would incorporate a screen with a size ranging from 4.7 to 5.2 inches. Short. Several scenarios are possible.

To our regret, no word has been given on the definition screen. Anyway, we expect - again - to something quite high as the full-HD (1080 x 1920 pixels) or Quad-HD (1440 x 2560 pixels). It's not confirmed but this slab will certainly protected by a Gorilla Glass 3 or 4.
The OnePlus Two yawed a processor Qualcomm: Snapdragon 810 (64 bits)
Performance-wise, there has been confirmation for 64-bit architecture. The type of processor is adopted the latest Qualcomm: Snapdragon famous 810-8 hearts. This is interesting for the attributes it brings - such as Bluetooth 4.1 support, LTE 4G (cat.9) up to 450 Mbit / s, among other things - but a somewhat greater heating. And, unlike the other processors available on the market.
Android Oneplus Two Benchmark Geekbench Browser
Update: new data in relation to OnePlus Two appeared on the canvas. Thank the results issued by the Geekbench Browser performance measurement tool. If we put aside the benchmarks, most features on the Snapdragon processor 810 (MSM8994) and the amount of memory to 3GB of RAM are confirmed. For more information on this benchmark, go to this address .

OnePlus Two: release date and price

According to the CEO of OnePlus, Zuohu Liu said the price of OnePlus gravitate around 2499 Yuan. In foreign currency, it gives us a little over $ 400. Either 407.73 dollars to be exact.
Update: the announcement of the future OnePlus Two will take place on the first day of the month of June, 2015.
OnePlus Two availability of the third quarter 2015

The Chinese manufacturer has not yet confirmed verbally, but it is reported that the price of OnePlus Two could be much less attractive than the current OnePlus One. Without the adoption of more premium materials that should inflate the price of this new generation. The output of the smartphone will be planned in the third quarter of 2015. Of course, we expect a series of teasing as OnePlus we had already shown with his first One.