Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Coming out

Rumors of increasingly insistent surfaced regarding the upcoming PHABLET brand. This should mark a turning point in the Note series, as the S6 and S6 edge did for the Galaxy S. Here are all the current information on the characteristics, the screen, the price and release date of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Vs  Galaxy note 3
 The Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 4, the latest in a line?

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - Price and release date

The series Galaxy Note is not known to be the most inexpensive, far from it. Do not expect a smartphone below 600-700 Dollars minimum, in the best case. While Samsung happens to glass and aluminum, as in the S6, the price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will suffer necessarily.
In addition, Samsung is still in a process of increasing margins. To remain wide, say that the price of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to its output should be around 1000 Dollars.

Speaking of release date, one can imagine that it will be available between mid-September and October 2015. In fact, it should be presented ahead of the Berlin show, IFA, held in early September each year.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - Design and conception

Do not go around the bush, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 should be manufactured as the Galaxy S6, glass and has an aluminum frame. Whether it will also lose the memory expansion via microSD and removable battery, wait and see. It will have a stylus, for sure, which could be updated.
Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 The S Pen deserves update.
If the Galaxy Note smartphones have always been at the forefront when they leave, we must admit that the S Pen stylus so typical of the series, a little stagnant. Certainly it offers the Note 4 some additional features compared to the Galaxy Note's first name, but it would be reasonable to think that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 do more.

Indeed, there was talk of a microphone for a while, before the release of Note 4. the S Pen could also possess most advanced remote control features. We are told that in the supposition.

For now, here's what we know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 5:

samsung galaxy note 5 patents leak 2
The Galaxy Note 4 might look like.
What you see above are actually illustrations of a Samsung patent filing with the US authorities. So it's something serious. However, it may do either as prototypes or ede future models of the brand.
galaxy S6 vs galaxy note 5
 The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy S6: we realize the evolution of design at Samsung.
Anyway, we do have to deal with a Galaxy Note, I want to show the location of the stylus right on the bottom left, the back of the smartphone. You can see a refined smartphone, equipped with curved edges and a mysterious upper edge.
samsung galaxy s6 edge mwc 05
 The curved edge of the Galaxy S6 edge is so only on the front face.
The most obvious difference between the S6 edge and his rendered the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the curve on the screen. Indeed, if the current model is only present on the front of the smartphone, it seems that the PHABLET shown above is curved on the back also. In addition, it could be of the screen which extends to the back of the device.

In summary, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 could have a very slim design, glass and aluminum, and according to some sources , with a screen capable of displaying information on the back of the unit. The only thing I can say with certainty is that if the Note 5 has an aluminum frame, one can read everywhere that it looks like an iPhone 6 Plus!

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - Screen

Of course, the biggest novelty is a slab of Ultra-HD display. In effect, this gives 2160 x 5840 for a smartphone of just 6 inches. According SamMobile, two versions of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 are developing: one standard, with a 5.89-inch display and a curved, potential Galaxy Note 5 dual edge, of 5.78 inches.
Samsung galaxy note 5: galaxy note 4 vs galaxy note 3
 The Galaxy Note 4 next to Galaxy Note 3: the passage of the Full-HD at QHD.
A UHD definition on such a screen, it is a monster pixel density to output. Useless or not, that is not the issue. Admit 748 and 762 pixels per inch, it throws on a data sheet. In comparison, the Galaxy S6 is currently the best in this area, with about 577 pixels per inch.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - Performance & features

The Galaxy Note's performance could be particularly impressive in two areas: autonomy and speed. Indeed, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 is supposed to release in the fall. This would allow performance and energy management never seen before.

My contact at Samsung assured me that it was entirely possible that Samsung Qualcomm returns home for the Galaxy Note 5. If Qualcomm is not ready or if Samsung can then produce a more efficient Exynos (or more strategically interesting ), the Note 5 could be quite different.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - Conclusion

For now, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is still largely unknown. While its design seems to have leaked, nothing says that it is final. Its Ultra-HD screen is maybe the info that most returns, but it has repeatedly in the past for such rumors to deflate fast enough.

With the good results of selling the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge , it seems obvious that Samsung opts for a similar design for the Galaxy Note 5. What do you think? Samsung is on track, side design?

The Galaxy Note 5 will probably be equipped with Snapdragon 820
The Galaxy Note 5 will probably be equipped with Snapdragon 820.