Moto X 2015: features, price and release date

Following the appearance of a supposed technical specifications that would be directly from a Motorola employee, it happens that almost all of the main features of the Moto X in 2015 have been revealed for all to see. In 2015, as you say, the third iteration of Moto X looks colorful in 2015!
Moto X 2015: features, price and release date (no contractual picture).

Motorola Moto X 2015: Design and finishing

Having myself had a chance to take the first two iterations in hand, I must admit that I expect heavy for this third iteration of the Moto X 2015. Discovered in Paris during a presentation, the first generation of Moto X 2013 had really seduced me and that, as much by its interface design.
Moto X 2014
Looks like this current iteration of the Moto X © 2014
At the time, the Moto X in 2013 was cataloged as the fastest smartphone market. Moreover, it was then proved for a long time. Then, it is true that the integration with Google Now was perfect through his microphone placed on the lower part of the facade. Something that has been reproduced on the second iteration 2014.

Putting that aside, the handling of Moto E, G and X is meant relatively good in general, but very different from one range to another. I mean, more upmarket and we climb over the handling is appreciable. At the same time, you'll say: "SEA AND BE CRAZY, that makes sense!" Not really, if we analyze many smartphones on the market, it is found that some high-end have a catastrophic grip.
The microphone of Moto X 2013 and 2014 is placed at the front, so to interact more easily Now with Google voice actions.
In creating the Moto X, Motorola and Google have made us understand that he was the ultimate tool for Google Now. Moreover, the modified architecture of the Moto X shows, including two processors, low-power, natural language and context management, which remain awake at all times (even off the screen).

Motorola Moto X 2015: software interface

If we base ourselves on the facts, he would like the new Moto X 2015 also hosts a pure version of Android. Strictly speaking, it is not totally gross, since it incorporates practical features, such actions by gesture dormant advanced features dedicated to notifications and a few other small attractions. That said, the interface preserves the holy spirit of Android and it is not without displeasing us.

Moto X commandos of android voz
The Moto X smartphones are designed around Google Now.
Working closely with Google since 2013, Motorola is a kind of experimental platform for Google, where developers laboratory have fun trying new experimental features. If you did not know, the Moto X 2014, Android 5.0, already owned the majority of Android 5.1 features well before this release so the Google Nexus. In sum, this proves that. Short.

Anyway, I expect to find at least Android 5.1 installed on the new Moto X 2015. Who knows, if Google is deploying a new version before its official release, we could see the Moto X 2015 out on this famous M version of Android (5.2, 6.0 or otherwise), or at least introduce some functions.
test new motorcycle moto x 2014
Some additional features of the Moto X © 2013 and 2014

Motorola Moto X 2015: technical specifications

In terms of specs, the one that leaked water put me in the mouth. For now, it is said that the installed version in the Moto X in 2015 is none other than the latest iteration of Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. However, this information is not technical, but good software and reaffirms the volition of the brand who want to offer the best.

The size of the 5.2-inch screen installed on the Moto X 2015 could be identical to the first generation. Besides that, it should be noted that the definition of this screen evolve a Full HD (1080 x 1920 pixels) to a Quad-HD (1440 x 2560 pixels), but the technology of the screen remains the same Super AMOLED. In truth, it's not so bad, since most active screen and features like Active Notifications exploit fully the AMOLED.
moto X 2014
The Moto X in 2014 is 10mm thick, but the 2015 version should have a more pronounced finesse.
Here, the brand and the processor number embedded in the new Moto X 2015 displays as the famous Snapdragon 808 hexacœur, like the LG G4. The processor performance is quite simply outstanding, even if not quite equal those of a Snapdragon 810 the same foundry. Again, this architecture is a very good solution in the high end.

As for the graphics processor, it will take on a Adreno 418. Technically speaking, and in software, the chip is able to achieve a clock frequency of 600 MHz and 155.5 GFlops. It is at least 1.5 less than the 2x Adreno 420, but do not worry she will run all the latest games without worry. In support of that, it is displayed a very strong figure of 4 GB RAM. Yum! It gives already hungry.
moto-x-2014 4
Screen edges of the Moto X in 2014 are already very thin, with 73.1% of the front occupied by the screen.
On the multimedia range, the camera chosen would back 16 million pixels, but the sensor manufacturer is not yet known. That said, we already know that back photo and video sensor will be accompanied by "Clear Pixel" technology that captures the entire light spectrum for a much cleared rendered.
Some supposed characteristics of the 16 megapixel camera of the Moto X © 2015
According to a new rumor that comes to surface, the future Moto X 2015 would be the first smartphone from the Motorola Moto range has a sensor board with optical stabilization (OIS). As if that were not enough, the rumor also mentions video recording capabilities which reach the 4K at 30fps, 1080p at 60 fps and 120, but also 720p HD at 120 fps. Short. Something to make us the mouth water!

Moto X 2015: Update

So far, the information in connection with the front camera was lost in the fog. Now we can finally put a figure to 5 megapixels for the front camera. In addition, Motorola is determined to not do things by half and could even add a flash to accentuate the front picture quality (or blind the prying eyes) ... Truth or falsehood, only the future holds the answer.

To return to the memory, the internal storage is displayed in 32 GB and 64 GB. Unfortunately, no information was provided as to the presence of a card slot micro SD memory, even if some iterations entries range of Moto E and Moto G offer the possibility to expand the memory. To our regret, there is no Moto X does not carry this famous micro-SD reader coveted ...

Moto X 2015 Updated:

Following a new rumor that has recently surfaced, it is the third iteration of the Moto X (2015) incorporate a micro-SD card reader. In short, it is excellent news that sounds like a revolution for the high-end brand. It only remains to wait and see if this rumor is proven.
The Moto X 2015 passes a camera 13 to 16 megapixels and preserves Clear Pixel technology.
Finally, the battery would have been a big blow punch! 2300 mAh displayed on the Moto X 2014, the new, third generation of the Moto X in 2015 would have a 3280 mAh! If we do the math, it is still 980 mAh more than the version of 2014. The capacity of a battery does indeed say anything, but if we rely on the quality of Motorola batteries, we can expect a significant gain in autonomy.

Motorola Moto X 2015: price and release date.

To date, there is no official information on the price of the future Moto X 2015. However, we can expect a release date for September 2015. Short. Motorola is determined to put a layer in 2015 and this requires a new generation of Moto X. Hopefully it is still better finished than the last!