4 versions for the iPhone between iPhone 6S and iPhone 7?

After the recent release of the Apple Watch, which is already a success, it now evokes the release of the next Apple smartphone. According to rumors, several models should appear even if we still do not know if we will see an iPhone 6S or iPhone 7 this year.

3 iPhone 6S and iPhone 6C pending the iPhone 7?

Apple has something to smile with the huge success encountered his watch connected even if critics are not necessarily good. What interests consumers and fans of the brand today, it is the appearance of the next iPhone and its features. The new Samsung Galaxy S6 is very good, fans hope Apple will respond and offer innovative models.

Logically, it is an iPhone 6S to be presented at the end of 2015, but rumors are many and we do not necessarily know what to think. The iPhone 7 however, should not be proposed before 2016 but Apple may offer a rather innovative intermediate model, and even more models.

According to latest information, the Cupertino company is reportedly developing a classic iPhone 6S and an iPhone 6S Plus. Two models that should logically be available before the end of the year. But that's not all,  Apple could offers iPhone 6C based on the same strategy as the iPhone 5C. Even if the model was not as successful as hoped, he still been sold well worldwide and colors have enticed many.
iPhone-6 iPhone-6c iPhone-7 1024x768
iPhone-6 iPhone-6c iPhone-7 1024x768
To finish, it evokes an iPhone 6 Mini to be proposed with a screen about 4 inches or slightly more in order to satisfy consumers who want an iPhone in a more practical dimension. This latest rumor, however, seems rather unlikely.

For now, we must trust only logic and wait a bit before analyzing the rumors. Leaks may be published on the approach of the release date iphone 7, ie in the autumn, and it is probably at this time that we can really know what to expect.