LG G4: all the latest information about the upcoming Korean phone

Earlier this year, LG lifted the veil on the LG G Flex 2, the second generation of its curved smartphone with a Snapdragon processor 810. And the manufacturer seems to work hard, since many rumors reaching us dropper for his next the flagship LG G4 that will be announced in a few days.
LG G4 Screen
The Korean wholesale leverages its standard bearer and LG smartphones is careful to offer an efficient product design licked to seduce users. His last standard bearer has allowed the brand to take a significant place in the heart of consumers, evidenced by its recent financial results for the historic brand .

LG therefore must not disappoint with its next smartphone star, it is expected to turn by users. We suggest you take stock of all that we know the next star of the Korean smartphone, the LG G4. Attention for the moment, these are just rumors, to be taken lightly so.

Sheet LG G4

According to the latest leaks, the device should offer the following specifications

  •     Display: 5.5 inch IPS with Quad HD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels
  •     Processor: 64-bit hex core Snapdragon 808 (four hearts and two A53 A57 cores)
  •     GPU Adreno 418
  •     Ram: 2/3 Go
  •     Internal Storage: 16/32 GB
  •     SD Slot: Yes up to 128 GB
  •     Camera: 16 megapixel aperture f / 1.8 with optical stabilizer OIS
  •     Front Camera: 8 Megapixels
  •     Battery: 3000 mAh removable
  •     Connectivity: WiFi 802.11 a / ​​b / g / n / ac, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC
  •     Dimensions: 149.1 x 75.3 x 8.9 mm
  •     OS: Android 5.1 + LG Lollipop UX 4.0 interface 
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Snapdragon processor 808 to prevent overheating: LG G4

If until now we imagined the LG G4 land on the market with a Snapdragon processor 810, like the HTC One M9 and the LG G Flex 2, nothing is decided yet. Earlier this year, Vice President of LG, Woo Ram-chan, praised the last bullet octo core 64bit Qualcomm, in response to numerous rumors of various overheating problems.

However, soon after the MWC, the Android Police editor revealed that Qualcomm's partners would replace the S810 with a Snapdragon 808 in its next premium. 
LG Snapdragon
Today, this is a recent benchmark of the device identified in the GFXBench database now reported the presence of a Snapdragon processor 808. Slightly less powerful than the 810 but still reserved for high-end, the Snapdragon 808 is a 64 bit processor hexa core composed of four hearts A53 and A57 two cores which benefit Qualcomm recent improvements in terms of cooling. An alternative solution that would allow the company to protect itself from overheating.

After the publication of this benchmark, a source close to the matter confided to Korea Time that LG had indeed decided to spend Snapdragon 810 -which obviously still suffer problems surchauffe- on his next upscale. A few days later, a second benchmark came, once again, confirm. while giving us a first glimpse of Snapdragon 808 performances .

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As was already mentioned several sources, the processor should be accompanied by Ram LPDDR4. The same as that found in the heart of the last two flagships from Samsung. It was he who should produce the memory modules to its competitor. With a Snapdragon 808 and 3 GB Ram LPDDR4, the unit should provide excellent performance but does not he risk for comparing face some competitors powered by a Snapdragon 810 or face the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge and their Exynos 7420 processor?

In terms of the amount of memory, we will find two different models. First with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage and a second with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage, like last year. In addition, unlike Samsung, LG has decided to keep the SD slot.
LG G4 Benchmark

Quad HD screen 5.5 inches on LG G4

Like the G3, LG G4 offer a Quad HD resolution screen. A document leaked last month has indeed confirmed a definition of 2560 x 1440 pixels on the next flagship of the brand. Something quite predictable, first because its predecessor already proposed the definition, then because we imagined evil LG heading to a higher resolution.

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Meanwhile, LG has officially presented the screen of the next flagship by way of press release. With a size of 5.5 inches, the new tile-based Quad HD LCD technology is presented as thinner and brighter than the G3 screen Compared with the previous model, the brightness should indeed be an increase of 30%, however, LG promises that it will not have any impact on the energy consumption of the display.
Screen LG-G4

As can also be read, the screen will display contrast 50% higher than the traditional QHD slabs. That suggests excellent visibility outdoors. Available colors have also been the subject of much improvement. Moreover, thanks to technology Advanced In-Cell Touch (TIA), the G4 screen would be even more responsive than the G3.

A photo sensor of LG G4"revolutionary" 16 Megapixels

After proposing two consecutive years, a photo sensor 13 Megapixels, LG will point this year to a 16 megapixel camera sensor. First mentioned earlier in the week through a first video teaser, this home sensor developed by LG Innotek is now official. Thanks to its f / 1.8 aperture, it will be able to capture 80% more light than the G3 and above all to compete with the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge in their chosen field: in low light photos.

As you already know, the higher the number following the letter F is, the more sensitive the sensor is to light and the better its performance in low light. And at this level, the LG G4 is, for now, the best on paper. In addition to its aperture of f / 1.8, 16 megapixel sensor used offers six lens elements twice as large as that of the G3 will allow it to offer better accuracy.
LG G4 Camera

On the front, it will take on a front camera of 8 megapixels. This year, all manufacturers have decided to improve the "Selfie" of their flagship stores and at this level, LG will go further than its competitors by offering 8 Megapixels instead of 5. In addition to its high resolution The sensor will also equip an ultra fine filter only 0.11 mm, which will prevent parasitic infrared rays coming reach the lens to provide more natural colors.

A premium design with leather back: LG G4

If we have often hoped that LG is finally put to the metal with its flagship 2015, it will obviously not for now. The LG G3 is dressed in a pretty elegant hull despite the choice of the plastic. This material gives a lightness to the product rather significant and LG will continue on this path

when we have surfaced the first press invitations for the event on 28 April, it was then discovered that the back of the device was covered with leather. Meanwhile, LG has confirmed the information, it will be good to true vegetable tanned leather, leather goods commonly used method, not a textured plastic imitation. LG could not introduce metal this year but seems nevertheless decided to offer premium materials on its next flagship.

It was hoped that the leather in question has been sufficiently treated to resist in time. Other options with plastic back will also be proposed.

A slightly curved screen: LG G4

In mid-March, LG G4 photo first reports surfaced on the web. The program, a mix between the G3 and G Flex 2 and especially a more aerodynamic design than its predecessors. Then one could guess, these images, the presence of a slightly curved screen. Meanwhile, Business Korea confirmed this information.

Like Samsung, LG will offer a well curved screen flagship this year. A technology that both Korean manufacturers seem determined to impose on the public. However, the curvature will be far less than the G Flex 2 since only 3000 mm against 700 mm (the higher the number, the lower the smartphone is curved). It will be almost imperceptible, visually speaking, but will provide better ergonomics and may potentially protect the screen if dropped since it will not completely in contact with the ground.
According to these early reports, power and volume control buttons will always placed at the back of the phone. The dimensions of the beast will be 149.1 x 75.3 x 8.9 x 74.6 mm against 146.3 x 8.9 mm for the G3.
LG G4 dimensions

LG G4: A removable battery 3000 mAh

Like the LG G3 and unlike its main competitors, the LG G4 will be equipped with a removable battery. Information indirectly confirmed by the Korean company that evokes a range provided by two batteries. In South Korea, it is not uncommon that the phones are delivered with two batteries so you can swap them if necessary. Nevertheless, the ability to change implies that it will be removable.

Meanwhile, the first official photos and technical features of the LG G4 have leaked and leave no doubt about the removable nature of its battery and its ability to be 3000 mAh. It should therefore have excellent battery life.
Removable battery-LG-G4
Removable battery-LG-G4

A new LG UX 4.0 interface

Like the G3, last year, the LG G4 will usher in a new version of the home interface of the Korean LG UX 4.0. Loosely based on the graphic codes of Android Lollipop and Material Design, it will propose new features, closer to the user, for example, Quick Code that will take pictures without unlocking the device to a simple double-click the volume key. An expert mode is also present. All this is of course reminiscent of that already offer the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge with the rapid launch of the camera and the Pro mode.
As suggested by the first teaser video posted by the company, this new version of the LG UX will be more intuitive than previous interface especially with a new widget called Smart Board which will centralize all essential information to the user the same place. For its part, Smart Alert is growing at with recommendations.
Meanwhile, a second video has surfaced. If the first was rather looks like a teaser, the second goes a step further and reveals some of the new software features that can be found within the next overlay from LG, including two very interesting related to the camera. Named "Quick Shot", the first will take the picture on the fly with a simple double-tap on one of the buttons on the unit back. "Gesture Interval Shot" will, in turn, trigger the front camera with a simple hand gesture to take several selfies a result, as in a photo booth.

More oriented to telephony "Ringtone ID" will allow you to assign different ringtones to your favorite contacts so you know who is calling when you have your hands full and you can not take your phone Finally, "Quick Memo + "will allow you to display on the phone display only the information you need when you visit a web page. More details in the video below.

A fingerprint reader and mobile payments: LG G4

At the beginning, it was learned that the Korean company plans to launch its first mobile payment service. A few days later, the Korea Herald issued the possibility that the LG G4 team a fingerprint reader while giving more details on this subject. You could read such that the sensor would be placed at the back of the device within the power button.

If for now, all that is quite difficult to verify, given that Samsung took the presentation of Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge to inaugurate a similar service from Samsung Pay name that comes to echo Apple Pay, it would not really surprising.

Availability and LG G4 prices

The official presentation of LG G4 will be held on April 28, during a special event that will take place simultaneously in the cities of New York, London, Paris, Seoul, Singapore and Istanbul. Its release date is scheduled for late May in Korea, however, we do not yet have any information about Europe and other markets. Moreover, Korean users who pre-ordered the device will receive one year of free screen replacement in case of breakage and an SD card 64GB offered.

Regarding the price, the news is not good. In anticipation of its release, the unit starts to appear in the online shops of Korean operators and would be expected at a rate equivalent to the sum of 825 dollars or 767 euros. It would therefore be more expensive than the Galaxy S6 sold 795 dollars in the Korean market. Asked about the issue, an official of LG said the price of 825 dollars was not set in stone but remain in the same range.

Meanwhile, the device has appeared on the websites of two German dealers. Thus, in terms of Europe, the price would be:

    679-689 euros for plastic Version
    729-739 euros for the leather version

Do you think that the proposal of the Korean LG with its G4 if these rumors prove correct, can attract users? Because competitors are larger and especially Chinese brands like Xiaomi exploding all the scores in Asia and begin to move abroad. Eventually, LG hopes to sell no less than 10 million units of its next high-end phone throughout the year.