Release Date iPhone 7 September 8, 2015?

Release Date Iphone 7
Release Date Iphone 7
While we are talking primarily the nearest exit of the iWatch, namely shows connected Apple, much speculation already starting to circulate around the iPhone 7 and of its release. Indeed, rumors provide for release in September 2015!

And if 2015 was marked by the arrival of the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch? Apple takes big risks with this famous watch and it may not be up to expectations. Thus, to prevent possible failure, iPhone 7 could be proposed this year!

The iPhone 7 available from September 8?

No you're not dreaming, iPhone 7 will be out on September 8th. While we thought see an iPhone 6S this year, here is learned from several sources that this will be an iPhone 7! While information or disinformation, we will not know at now, but this rumor should be taken as seriously as any other for that matter.

If we look more closely Apple's strategy, we see a new iPhone really only comes out every 2 years, but every year the Cupertino company markets a new iPhone. In general, it is simply an evolution of the previous model and this strategy works pretty well. So why Apple would choose to change this strategy and offer an iPhone 7 in 2015 rather than 2016, this rumor is likely and it really possible? The future will tell, but we doubt that this is possible.

Meanwhile, it already evokes the features of this smartphone, and regardless of the release date of the iPhone 7 . We then find the screen that should be sapphire for more resistance, improved recognition system and even facial recognition in addition to fingerprints. The camera should also be heavily order made photographs of very high quality.