New Iphone 7 Coming Out

new iPhone 7 Apple coming out

Following the presentation of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple has entered a new era and somewhat change its strategy by offering smartphones with big screens. Indeed, Apple had always wanted to offer a usable phone with one hand, but due to changes in the needs of consumers and to compete more aggressively, the firm of Cupertino had to resign to offer not one but two iPhone with screens ranging from 4.7 inches to 5.5 inches for the iPhone 6 plus model that fits meanwhile in the category of phablettes.

Thus, Apple will be able to look to new horizons with even more impressive innovations than in the past. The iPhone 7 should also be presented in two versions next year and it is certain that Tim Cook will study closely what competitors intend to do to be able to offer new features to the height of consumer expectations .

The expected characteristics of the iPhone 7

There is hardly any doubt about the name of the future Apple smartphone: the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus should indeed be the names of two new mobile and all indications are that they will be packed with innovative features.

While both iPhone presented in 2014 were marked by the expansion of the size of the screen, it is almost certain that Apple will keep these two screen sizes for the next versions of the device. However, the display resolution and the quality of the screen should generally be revised upwards. Thus, the firm of Tim Cook has to work harder for consumers to see real change on iPhone 7. Indeed, the aesthetic change should not be very important since the dimensions are virtually unchanged. One can wonder how Apple will do to bring a new aesthetic punch to future versions of the smartphone and can not wait to see what the designers and graphic designers employees of the firm concoct us.

Otherwise, it is expected that the group's engineers put the package about photography. Indeed, the iPhone's camera is perfectible and iPhone 7 could represent a turning point in this area. Many competitors have a much better quality of photo sensor and it is time that Apple is investing in this sector for us has a sensor with much more than the current 8 megapixels. It is the same for the front camera and the video sensor. This is one area where Apple can still make great progress and consumers are increasingly fond of smartphones with cameras of very good quality. Today it is an important factor in the purchase decision of consumers for a smartphone.

Technically, we will discover the new Apple processor called A9 chip coupled with an M9 as is the case in the current model. This processor should once again gain power and speed to provide an even better user experience. Apple has always managed to be effective in this area and it's not going to change. And user experience side forever, we will also explore the new IOS 9! The iOS 8 was a very good year with many new and hopefully it will be the same for the new iOS 9 with the iPhone 7 so that there is a significant change.

For the rest, it is certain that Apple has many patents on hand just waiting to be integrated into new products. Everything remains to be seen which of these projects will come even if we would like to see happen some more than others. One of the things that comes up often in the news regarding the sealing of the iPhone 7. Indeed, many competitors have already incorporated this feature on their smartphone and many consumers would like Apple to offer on the new iPhone coming out. Samsung has introduced many innovations in its latest phones and Apple would do well to learn some. For example, think about the battery life has always been a problem for Apple. The iPhone 7 could therefore break new records if the Cupertino chose to seriously address the issue in order to offer a smartphone that really takes the load.

A new design for the iPhone 7

Each year, Apple launched a new iPhone, and every year, the design of this iPhone is changing. The iPhone 7 whose output is planned for next year should not depart from the rule. The appearance will be more difficult to change because the screen size should be retained. So Apple will have to find other ways to beautify their smartphone and can go through different materials, organization or a slightly different structure and other elements. You should know that aesthetics is a strategic point for Apple and the company has rarely disappointed that level. Thus, the iPhone 7 will most likely another success in this area and graphic designers will be there to something.

The probable release date of the iPhone 7

The iPhone's release date is still a big question mark and 2015 should still be full of speculation around this date. Although some analysts still predict that release of the iPhone 7 is possible before the summer, we must not close our eyes. Apple has always released its aircraft in September or October, in a few months before the end of year celebrations. The Cupertino should not change their habits and propose a new iPhone in September 2015. However, it will probably be a simple evolution of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

So there are two possible dates for the release of the iPhone 7. Either Apple decides to propose a simple evolution of current iPhone and therefore an improved model released in autumn 2015 that likely will name iPhone 6S . The iPhone 7 then released in autumn 2016. Either the firm decides to propose next year his new iPhone. Anyway, the wait will be long before we see this new smartphone marketed.

What price will we buy the iPhone 7

Unfortunately, the price of iPhones continue to increase year after year. Once again in 2014, Apple has proposed a new model, the iPhone 6 Plus that broke records by crossing the 1,000 $ for the 128GB model. However, for the classical model of iPhone 6, prices remained the same as the iPhone 5S upon its release.

Consumers can be somewhat reassured because it is likely that Apple has set its limits and should not increase rates for its smartphones. The iPhone 7 should be displayed from  $709 for the 32GB model and go up to $919 for the 128GB model. Anyway, you can take advantage of offers of mobile operators to choose a package Mobile that you will acquire the smartphone at a much lower price through a commitment of 24 months.