Galaxy S6: Here are details on the new flagship and Edge Version

The Galaxy S6 is one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2015, Samsung will hit hard with the terminal from the "Project Zero" with, among others, an EDGE variant with a double curved screen. These are our colleagues SamMobile, specialists of the South Korean firm, which reveals exclusive details on the almost invisible flagship of Samsung.
Galaxy S6 flagship
Samsung Galaxy S6

The Galaxy S6 is a nest of rumors and that's saying something, we hear no more of it when he is not even out than other brands or even other Samsung smartphones. But among all these rumors, some are very likely to be true, we'll see it right away.

We'll start with the peculiarities of the Screen Edge Galaxy S6 of the same name. This screen is very original because it is curved on both sides, not just one as its counterpart the Galaxy Note Edge . Speaking of the latter, the Galaxy Edge screen will be 30-50% less curved and evenly on both sides. Involved, the smaller size of the unit and the need to place the volume buttons and the power button.

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Then, on the two terminals, information has circulated about their designs lately. In addition to having the same color as either the front or back of the phone, the optical sensor is also of the same color, a welcome fluidity. Recall that the design of the Galaxy S6 is supposed to be dressed in metal, another possibility would be as the slab of glass and we already know that there will be 4 colors available .

Samsung has had a difficult year in 2014 and has even doubled in terms of smartphone sales in some countries, the company is not ready to fall, but a renewal was necessary. The manufacturer has taken the bull by the horns should unveil these two famous terminals in less than a month at MWC in Barcelona.
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