Upcoming Galaxy S6: Rumors about the technical features

A few months before his early exit, the Galaxy S6 starts talking to him. New rumors about the smartphone evoke a processor of the latest generation Exynos, an iris scanner and finally premium shell.
samsung galaxy s6
Upcoming samsung galaxy S6
The Galaxy Note 4 was revealed last month at IFA, displaying a datasheet and benchmarks that exploded was the Galaxy S5. If the two devices are in different categories, they is not true that Samsung can only ill-afford not to improve the S6 compared to Note 4.

We had already heard rumors in mid-August, announcing that the next flaghship Korean would be made ​​entirely of metal , continuing the dialogue initiated by Alpha and Galaxy Note 4 movement and the first quarter of 2015 approaching slowly, expected output period for the upcoming Samsung galaxy 6, it is not surprising that new sounds are heard.

According to information from China, therefore, the Samsung Galaxy S6 incorporate an iris scanner functionality that Samsung had announced via a teaser just before the release of the Galaxy Note 4 . manufacturer had finally do nothing and we was able to ask why such information was issued for his own conduct.
Galaxy S6 iris scanner
Galaxy S6 iris scanner
Rumor also announced that the device would be equipped with the latest generation of processor Korean, which we discovered Exynos 7 performance last week, supported by 4 GB of RAM, all displaying the contents of a smartphone screen 2K . The leak also announced that the device could arrive before the "logic" period that is placed around February / March 2015, and that he could then show at the end of this year.

If all this information is to be taken lightly, especially be wary of the latest, the Galaxy Note 4 being released too recently to take the risk to interfere with a sales model that is certainly not in the class same category, but in fact is the second featured smartphone brand, with the score 4.

Now it is the speculation, as we'll see much in the coming months. And you, do you think that these rumors stands?