Kazam Tornado 348: the thinnest smartphone in the world with 5.15 mm

The Kazam Tornado 348 is the thinnest smartphone in the world. And this unit record, posting a thickness of 5.15 mm, will be available in Europe next month.

thinnest smartphone in the world, Kazam Tornado 348
We have already heard of the device, but under another name. Remember, there are a few weeks, we presented the Elifa S5.1, manufactured by Gionee , a Chinese manufacturer that has made ​​a specialty of records finesse.

Its predecessor, the Elifa S5.5 , had been the thinnest smartphone in the world at the beginning of the year, and only a few months after that, the company reiterated by announcing S5.1, breaking his own record.

But for those of us who have longed for the ultra-thin smartphone, the problem remained as the Elifa was then available in China. But the lack is now on track to be met, the smartphone arriving in Europe.

This is indeed the English manufacturer Kazam who inherits the smartphone will be called Tornado 348. The fact that this manufacturer distributes the device is especially good news that its trademark is also required to ensure its screens smartphones 12 months, which should not be useful with a minimum of care, the Tornado 348 screen is protected by Gorilla Glass.
kazam tornado 348 ultra fin
Level Factsheet take stock of this fine record, which shows a different processor of Gionee versions, and the passage of Android Jelly Bean to KitKat, which we can not complain.

  •     Screen: 4.8-inch AMOLED, 720p
  •     CPU: MediaTek MT6592 octo-core clocked at 1.7 GHz
  •     RAM: 1 GB
  •     Internal Storage: 16 GB expandable via microSD (32GB)
  •     Sensors: Main, 8 MP - front, 5 MP
  •     Battery: 2050 mAh
  •     OS: Android 4.4.2 KitKat
  •     Dimensions: 139.8 x 67.5 x 5.15 mm
  •     Weight: 95.5 grams
  •     Color: black or white

The device will be released in mid-November and England will follow in France in the same month for a suggested retail price of  299 €. It will be mainly available online.