Galaxy Note 4: "the best big screen smartphone," according to Samsung

In a recent promo spot posted on his YouTube channel, there are a few days, Samsung re-list the strengths of its latest high-end phablette, the Galaxy Note 4. His successively raised, S Pen, multitasking, sensors Photo 16 and 3.7 Megapixels and large Super AMOLED 5.7 inch Quad HD screen.

A device as Samsung defines it as "the best smartphone on large screen." A statement that deserves lingers on phablette now that is finally available.

The screen of the Galaxy Note 4, the best from Samsung
The screen of the Galaxy Note 4, the best from Samsung

Not to mention its high definition 2560 x 1440 pixels which allows it to reach a resolution of 518 dpi, the screen of the Galaxy Note 4 has other assets. According to experts at the Display Mate who were the first to be able to test it, this is the best screen they could have the chance to have hands both in terms of brightness and contrasts color accuracy.

Quad HD display 14% more efficient than the Full HD screen Note 3 More Independence! A feat which also allows the phablette be all terminals Quad HD offering the best self in the market.

In addition to his screen, the new Galaxy Note 4 coming out team is a photo sensor of 16 megapixels with optical Image Stabilizer OIS. An elected prime camera sensor in the latest survey conducted by the PhoneArena site over 6000 readers with nearly 43% of the vote.

A terminal full of promise for which Samsung has been able to generate a strong demand in the weeks leading up to his presentation at IFA then start phablette major markets a few weeks later.

Have you purchased the Note 4? Are you agree with Samsung? What do you think is the biggest asset of the phablette?