Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge: design phablettes secrets

Have you ever wondered why the Galaxy Note 4, Samsung had abandoned the edges "seam effect" back in faux leather so expensive Galaxy Note 3 or why the curved portion of the screen of the Galaxy Note Edge is located on the right and not on the left? The answer to these questions lies in the last note posted on the official blog where Korean Samsung exposes us all the ins and outs behind the design of his last two phablettes.
galaxy note 4 note edge design
The Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge

Galaxy Note 4

When designing the Galaxy Note 4, the designers wanted to give the unit a more modern and more elegant than the previous model look. While few details could be changed before it is at the back of the unit they wanted to bring some new, eliminating false seams to give a more uniform appearance to the shell back.
galaxy note 4 note 3 Back

Galaxy Note Edge 

the Galaxy Note Edge , we learn that if the curved portion of the screen on the right is for the user to manipulate the device as you turn the pages of a book and notifications without accessing through the main screen. This choice also makes the tool more convenient for right even if the blog Samsung does not say.
galaxy note edge

S Pen shipped by the Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge 

S Pen shipped by the Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge has also been changes to make it stick but thinner and more especially sensitive and more accurate. It is also able to adapt its way of interacting with the inclination of the Phablet.

Available for one short week, the Galaxy Note 4 is according to Samsung, the best Phablet market . Do you share this opinion? Note that it should receive the update to Android 5.0 Lollipop very quickly after its release.