Upcoming ARCHOS 45 Helium 4G Smartphones

If Archos has launched the new smartphone market until the summer of 2013, we can not say that the brand is not everything to become a major player in this highly competitive sector. The objective is simple, outdo Wiko. Both brands mainly target the low-cost market and their ranges are also quite similar to the image of the upcoming rchos 45 Helium offered at a very aggressive price.

Upcoming Archos 45 phones and its decline Helium today to 99.99 $ exactly. Sold since last May to 180 $, the smartphone exchange rate until the arrival of the next Archos devices by the new phones coming out in 2015. Operation is even more interesting that said mobile will soon evolve. It speaks of the coming of a Snapdragon processor 410 64-bit  to replace the current Snapdragon 400 fitted to the smartphone. A successful operation? Note also that the new 50 Helium phone is now available for less than 190 $ with a datasheet higher (HD screen for example).
In truth, Archos is looking to increase its market share in one of the fastest growing sectors in Europ, or the cheap smartphone. Wiko rushes for some years and offers even with the recent Kite , a device substantially close the characteristics of new Archos 45 Helium coming out. For Loic Poirier, CEO of the group, its products are very competitive and do not sacrifice much on the altar of low cost.

So smartphones have diagonal honorable, 4G and Snapdragon processors considered more accurate than those that fit ... the Mediatek Wiko. Pending tests, remember that Samsung also joins the war through to a good plan for the Samsung Galaxy 4G Core proposed ... 99 $! War is finally declared between manufacturers who compete to offer the best configuration at the lowest possible price.

What will be the winners of these fratricidal confrontations? Do you have a brand preference between Archos and Wiko?