Samsung, the Galaxy Alpha is a "New standard of design"

Samsung's first Android smartphone to offer a semi-metal design, the Galaxy Alpha is a device whose firm seems decidedly proud. So while the camera slowly begins its marketing , Samsung has released a new infographic which are recalled outline design of the device and whose slogan is "a new standard of design for smartphones."
samsung galaxy alpha

The infographic reminds us that the Galaxy Alpha comes with a sturdy metal frame that gives it a certain durability, combined with a plastic back which facilitates its grip. The five colors of the device are also mentioned, as well as its main technical characteristics.

Of the various visual, Galaxy Alpha is successively compared to a pair of leather shoes for its softness, a stiletto heel for its fineness of only 6.7 mm and a tie for its light since it weighs in at only 115 grams. Choices that are anything but a coincidence since the product is continuously treated as a fashion accessory.

Alpha Galaxy which preceded the announcement of the newest iPhone 6 and Samsung continues to promote and showcase focusing on its main feature: its design. A design that Samsung defines a "new standard" for smartphones not only to better oppose its competitors but it's probably also a way of telling us that the metal will become an integral part of all future high-end the firm.

It is no coincidence if the Galaxy Note 4 also features a metal frame. The road will probably even long before that Samsung offers terminals 100% metal but the fact is that the Korean gradually integrates materials more "premium" than plastic in its terminals.