New Galaxy Note Edge Coming out

That's it, the New Galaxy Note 4 coming out and his counterpart with curved screen, the New Galaxy Note Edge, we did not know the reality, arrived at his side. Specificity is a first, and opens a new ergonomics through new functionality
New Galaxy Note Edge Coming out
New Galaxy Note Edge Coming out
Unlike previous rumors on this famous curved "two faces" screen, only arise, namely the "classical" and the slice screen on the right side of the unit. As you can see, although we are talking of both sides, it is well one screen that curves to create the slice.
A Galaxy Note 4, with some differences

Moreover, the device is not very different from Note 4 which was released at the same time. Thus, apart from the true originality that is the curved screen, the opposite side edges and back are all that are more traditional. Note also that unlike in Note 4 has finally given us a bit of metal on the edges, the Edge has sacrificed it for the maintenance of plastic, on behalf of the curved screen.


The screen of the New Galaxy Note Edge Phones Coming Out is a little wider than the score 4, as displayed 160 pixels more than its cousin. Extra pixels, you'll understand that dedicated to the curved part, called "Screen Edge" Edge meaning just the edge or margin. That means there has a screen of 5.6 inches, which is added the right edge, and Samsung presents its definition 2560 x 1440 +160.
galaxy note edge
galaxy note edge
As said earlier, the new phones coming out: Note Edge relinquished the plastic to keep metal edges (yes, and screen). Despite this, the manufacturer has maintained as far as the design of the New Galaxy Note 4 coming out and shiny finishes "chromant" the plastic. In addition, the corners do not stand out as can be seen slightly on the Galaxy Note 4 (design that it also borrows the new galaxy alpha phones coming out where this is most visible).

The power button is moved, the no longer existing right spine. The ignitions ages on the high end. Back on the other hand, the two devices are very similar, with the camera sensor ressortant, the training, the speaker and location S Pen.
galaxy note edge review
samsung galaxy note edge s pen
samsung galaxy note edge s pen
The small difference on this side of the device is that you see the right edge along the edge of the front (well, this side is the left edge, of course), creating this face also asymmetric.

The latter, it is visible on the front or back of the device, may impair some junkies symmetry. For others, however, aesthetics is when lines are broken. For that matter, it will be a matter of taste.
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samsung galaxy note edge review
samsung galaxy note edge review

And this screen, then, what does he?

The new Galaxy Note Edge coming out manages to exploit its novelty offering some strong ergonomic features. The basic idea of ​​this curved portion to the right of the screen is to provide secondary information while the device is used.

Or whether we are and whatever we do, even when using an application in full screen, drag your finger on the right of the screen activates the Screen Edge board. The basic display of this border is an application launcher. It looks like we've seen on previous Samsung devices. You can customize the launcher and use it to switch from one application to another at any time. It replaces the launcher is usually found at the bottom of the screen.

The problem of the screen, is that if it is held in the right hand, we tend to activate the Screen Edge accidentally, while if it is held in the left hand, it is difficult to reach and easily manipulate with your thumb. Consequently, it is clear that the use of the curved screen transom to keep the new phones coming out: Samsung Galaxy Note Edge of the left hand to use both hands.

Once this is accepted, move on. Sliding again on the edge, you scroll to different tranches different spots. Currently, there is a choice of a dozen slices, and Samsung plans to make it easy for developers to create their own. 

The panels / slabs available include control mp3, summary data such as S Health not run and calories burned, a bar displaying the weather, missed calls and messages, a portion dedicated to Twitter, another showing Yahoo finance information, news and sports, and finally a toolbox including a ruler, a stopwatch, a timer, turn on flash and a dictaphone.

Some slices open the browser or dedicated application in full screen when select, while others such as the control of the music and the toolbox can simply be used without impacting on the main screen.

Beyond that, the Edge Screen offers two options, one completely anecdotal, called "Express me" allows you to customize the game with screens, photos or effects funds, and the other, a little more practice , displays the time in Clock mode, at night, in a little light mode, leaving the main screen off.


Difficult to balance for now

The new phones Note Edge brings us a whole new interaction with mobile technologies, and if some things are not obvious at first, including decision not purely physical hand and accidental activation of the slice, it will take some time for we were getting used to this purpose and for their part, developers understand how to make the most of this new hardware.

Finally, it should also be a bit of time for the user community recovery principle by competition and time to do operate the machinery by the feedback, ripening and guesswork. Remain always connected, because we have certainly not heard the last of the new Galaxy Note Edge phones coming out.
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