Galaxy Note 4: in more than 140 countries by the end of October

Today, Samsung has officially confirmed that its Galaxy Note 4 would be available in South Korea (the country of the company, so), from September 26, confirming rumors that were released yesterday about it. Moreover, the rest of the world will have the smartphone in October, and now Samsung says the phablette out in no less than 140 countries by the end of next month.

Samsung has every reason to launch its Galaxy Note 4 worldwide as quickly as possible, especially since earlier this month, Apple made ​​the announcement and launch of its newest iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, selling 10 million units in the first weekend. Korean can still move forward confident his Note 4 Crashes record pre-orders and stock depletion .

Thus, although the press release does not mention the manufacturer of its project in China, it is very likely that the output of Note 4 there above that of the iPhone 6, which would give a major boost to sales the phablette, at least initially.

Although both devices are owned by differents software universe, their format makes them competitors, and as different as they might seem, potential buyers of Galaxy Note 4 could go over the apple for the simple reason that the advertising presence Social and iPhone 6 taints their patience.
galaxy-note-4-launch date
The new Galaxy Note 4 for it to be the successor to the Samsung's Note series, which can boast of having pioneered the market phablette, and Korean has not failed to notice about face Apple in an advertisement .

Yet Note 4 stands, it features the best screen ever tested by DisplayMate and developed the quality of its pen, away from the iPhone. Samsung has seriously considered the realism of the writing sensation, increasing points of contact, doubling the pressure sensitivity and allowing the system to take into account the speed and incline of the stylus.

Time will tell if the Upcoming Galaxy Note 4 will be rewarded for its differences and great qualities. But despite the declining numbers of Samsung, we remain confident in Korean.