Samsung Galaxy Grand 2: a gold model soon marketed in Asia

Five months after the launch of Galaxy Grand 2, Samsung is preparing to repaint it gold. The new colors will be visibly available in Asia soon. No news about other markets.

The Grand Galaxy 2 arrived on the market in February. With a screen of 5.25 inches and a good configuration but altogether traditional, he quickly lost in the mass of mid-range smartphones available on the market. Samsung obviously try to get away with bringing a touch a little more "bling-bling" with a new color: gold.

Available soon in Asia

This new variation is already referenced in the Indian boutique manufacturer. Note, however, that there is not yet "in stock", but something tells us it will not be long. As you can see, Samsung has not made ​​any announcement about it. It is therefore difficult to predict when this will happen colors here, as is that ever happens

When in doubt, and if the new Galaxy Grand 2  you've had your eye with her ​​golden dress, here are a reminder of its main technical characteristics:

     Android 4.3 Jelly Bean
     HD screen (1280 x 720 pixels) 5.25
     Quad-core 1.5 GHz processor
     1.5 GB of RAM
     8GB of internal memory
     8 megapixel camera
     2 megapixel webcam
     4G connectivity / Wi-Fi / Bluetooth

It is interesting to note that Samsung reserved until gold its high-end models, which leads us to wonder about why we pushed to repaint its Galaxy 2 Grand Maybe sales ont- they were well below his expectations so far ...