iPhone 6: The first images of the Apple smartphone assembled

iPhone 6 smartphone assembled
Volk & Feld firm specializing in the modification of devices, has unveiled images of the upcoming iPhone 6 assembled.

The props upscale Feld & Volk is once again talking about him. Since this summer, the company unveiled many times, images of what should be the iPhone 6, the new phones coming out from the California firm Apple. While we are used to having the right to photos of various components of this iDevice, we finally got to the general surprise, the images of the iPhone 6 in a fully assembled version. The reconstruction of the new terminal of the Apple brand was made from components delivered in recent weeks.

After a quick analysis of the photos, we can see that the iPhone 6 could offer rounded edges close to those of the first iPhone. The Cupertino company would like to make a return to the source? We'll see. Then we can also see that the hull of this smartphone will be metal and it should be even thinner than the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5S.

The iPhone 6 come out on September 19

As we know that Apple could hold a Keynote lecture on September 9 to unveil its upcoming iPhone 6, the company's fire Steve Jobs could get his new smartphone 10 days after the conference, on 19 September. Full Keynote, Tim Cook might unveil the date of opening of pre-orders for both versions of the new iPhone, expected rumored for September 12.

The new iPhone 6 in pictures

iPhone 6 smartphone assembled