Alcatel OneTouch Test Pop S3: a good 4G platform constrained by certain components

With Pop S3, upcoming Alcatel OneTouch offers a 4G smartphone less than 150 €. A particularly attractive price that should attract large consumers of data. Trap or boon? Response to the end of the test flash.

Restricted to the most comprehensive packages for its launch, the 4G has been invited in the low-cost offers. Progress is obviously similar side smartphones. Compatible models multiply below 200 euros through Wiko, Archos, ZTE, Motorola or Samsung. New Alcatel OneTouch phones coming out drops even lower well with the Pop S3.

Announced by Alcatel 149 euros, but proposed € 129 at most dealers, the Alcatel OneTouch Pop S3 looks like the most affordable model in the 4G category. But the manufacturer is not got there without some sacrifices. Obviously remains to be seen if he made the right choices and find the right dosages.
To do this, first of all begin by taking a look at the main features of the smartphone:

    Android 4.3 Jelly Bean
    WVGA (800 x 480 pixels) 4 inches
    quad-core Snapdragon processor 400 1.2 GHz
    Adreno 305 GPU
    1GB of RAM
    4GB of internal memory (plus microSD)
    5 megapixel camera with LED Flash
    VGA webcam
    4G connectivity, Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS
    2000 mAh battery
    dimensions: 123 x 64.4 x 9.85 mm
    Weight: 130 grams

Small and colorful

The new Alcatel One Touch Pop S3 coming out is not particularly distinguished by its design. Its rectangular shape is reminiscent of many other models. The front is largely occupied by the screen, stuck between the navigation buttons at the bottom and Android webcam, proximity sensors / brightness, speaker and LED notification above. The unit is protected by a large window rather sensitive to fingerprints, but the white camouflages well. We can not say the same for the rear.
alcatel onetouch pop s3 faces
alcatel onetouch pop s3
Because if the smartphone comes with a white hull, others are included in the box. They are six in number (counting white) and will bring a touch of color to the whole: yellow, blue, red, pink or gray.  

Finally, a touch ... or even a little more as they come back to the slices to the front frame. They therefore include the volume buttons (left) and start (top). Several openings are also present: microUSB port at the bottom, 3.5 mm jack at the top, camera, flash and speaker on the back.
alcatel onetouch, alcatel onetouch pop s3
 It will also remove the system cover to access the battery and the SIM and microSD slots. Alcatel OneTouch damage did not think to include a system to facilitate this task often tedious, the cover holding up very well. No game to report between the latter and the structure of the smartphone, or anywhere else for that matter. This clean assembly obviously contributes to the pleasure this little smartphone hands

 The screen at stake!

On the S3 Pop is no more remarkable. Although acceptable, the 4-inch screen does not exceed our expectations. In a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, it reaches a resolution of 233 dpi. Enough to not irritate the retina, but not really to indulge in the joys of surfing on the internet. Small characters are unreadable. And, as long as you are in the sun, this is the entire screen you peinerez to distinguish the fault of a feeble light. Be viewing angles, open-sided but very little upwards and downwards. A screen as good as bad, depending on usage and conditions. 

Android still outdated but accompanied

New disappointment, Android version 4.3 comes Jelly Bean. We would have preferred the latest version, KitKat, yet launched there more than six months. The overlay that accompanies it is however nice and makes several small significant improvements. At the Home screen, first, with the addition of widgets and two panels operating a rather special one displays photos in full screen, the other hosts widgets beyond the limit of the screen and adds vertical navigation. A shortcut has also been added for quick access to the list of applications. Simply scanning the screen upwards.

We also find a little more colorful notification center, but otherwise classic with the usual quick adjustments and a manager multitasking neat appearance. An interesting option also appeared in Settings. It reduces the startup time. Other features are to be found in the application offers since, in addition to the usual tools support, backup and synchronization, Alcatel OneTouch also pre-installs many applications.

alcatel onetouch pop s3 widgets
 There is something for everyone. Addicts messages and social networking will be delighted to find the Swiftkey keyboard (to improve their typing speed) as well as Facebook, Twitter or Viber. Students and professionals alike to find Adobe Reader and OfficeSuite to view and edit their documents. Several Gameloft games are also included, but only in demo. The Play Store is obviously present to download new applications. Note however that the storage space is limited to just under 2GB for the user. Invest in an SD card will probably essential for many.
alcatel onetouch pop s3 apps

 Power more than it takes

Another positive point navigation is fluid although it is possible that some slowdowns occur when too many applications are open. Nothing insurmountable, especially since you will hardly find better elsewhere. Pop S3 is not ashamed to face her even slightly more upscale competitors. Like most 4G models below 200 €, it relies on a Snapdragon 400 (quad-core CPU 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7 + GPU Adreno 305) Alcatel OneTouch had the good idea to accompany one GB of RAM. 

alcatel onetouch pop s3 3dmark

 Decode Full HD videos up (excluding MKV), perform 2D or 3D games or surfing the internet, all these tasks are within the reach of Pop S3. Finally, the limitations come first from the other components: the screen is too small and ill-defined does not always enjoy the pleasures of media, like his rather average output. And this is clearly not all. For unknown reasons, some games are not compatible, as Dead Trigger 2 ...

Forget beautiful photos to share on the web!

We come now to a more difficult issue: the photo. Alcatel OneTouch merely a 5-megapixel sensor coupled to an optical fixed focus (no autofocus, so) and an LED Flash. As always, the software comes with is not particularly provided options and implementation rather on ease of use with predefined settings: Night, Sport, HDR, Panorama and Smile.

Not surprisingly, the results are bad. Softness. Dull colors. Mismanagement of light (overexposure / underexposure). HDR mode will not change. Flash either. Fortunately, it is possible to hide these flaws with the editing software supplied as offers him, many settings and effects.

Photo taken with Alcatel OneTouch Pop S3
Photo taken with Alcatel OneTouch Pop S3

Too unbalanced

The Alcatel OneTouch Pop S3 suffers from an unbalanced data sheet. Almost perfect in terms of performance and connectivity with 4G compatibility (he still lacks the NFC, if we quibble), the screen may quickly build a user cramped. It will also mention the beautiful photos and videos to share to impress friends.

Obviously, we can not ask any smartphone at € 129 and some will be content. For others, better perhaps add a few euros and offer 45 Helium Archos, Galaxy Core 4G Samsung 4G or the Soshphone Grand Flex S ZTE. Proposals abound. Alternatively, make a cross on the 4G. Everything is a question of priorities ...