The future of Google Nexus is a phablet manufactured by Motorola

Google Nexus is a phablet manufactured by Motorola
Nothing is really clear about the future of the brand Nexus at Google. He first had this rumor of a Nexus 6 manufactured by LG. Another rumor talking about the cancellation of this smartphone, and a third that belied the first.

Then heard of Android Silver program to replace the Nexus range, and to establish labeling smartphones various brands like Google Phones. We also talked about HTC Volantis, tablet 9 "that emerge under the name Nexus. In short, we no longer know which way to turn.

Nexus 6: Motorola phablet named Shamu

Today, it is about a project that Motorola Nexus brand resurfaced. According to the Android Police website, the American manufacturer works on a phablet 5.9 "that would eventually Nexus 6 that we expected more. The code name of the Nexus 6 is Shamu, which is equipped with a fingerprint sensor.

If probable future Nexus remains a rumor for now, it seems indeed exist since it appeared on a site for developers and list the status of bugs on the development of Android. We hear very soon.