new Sony Xperia Z2 coming out: haute couture smartphone

new Sony Xperia Z2 coming out
Sony markets (yet) a high-end smartphone. If news is low compared to previous models, they are some welcome. What made ​​him a good choice among the latest additions to the segment, thanks to its excellent finish.

Sony doesn't stop. Long behind against competitors of new smartphones coming out, the Japanese brand is trying since last year to catch up. After Xperia Z in March 2013 and last September Z1, the manufacturer draws this month Z2. A fast-paced compared to annual updates top range of Apple or Samsung.

Simple commercial real strategy or policy? Difficult at first to differentiate the Xperia Z1 Z2. The size, weight and design are really close. Sony yet managed to integrate this new model a screen of 5.2 inches instead of 5 inches from the previous edition. The materials used are always flattering: two glass plates, contained in an aluminum rim. We note in passing the presence of caches on connectors (except the headphone jack) allows the sealing of the device (up to 30 minutes in one meter of water).

The photo quality is progressing but is still not the best

Not much change either side of the interface. The overlay version 4.4 of Android used here remains elegant, but very classic. Sony does not give in to the lure of "flat design" adopted by Apple in iOS 7 or insight on the new Samsung Galaxy S5. Technically, the Xperia Z2 yet offers what is best at this time, as the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 801.

It is however still on the reservation photographic performance. Despite borrowing technologies from ranges of compact cameras brand, 20.7 megapixel still not at some competing models, especially in low light. However, progress is real with respect to Z1 had rather disappointed on this point.

Integrated audio noise reduction

This is done in the field of video Z2 increased the most, with welcome news: capture 4K (visible only on Ultra HDTV), slow-motion (slow to perform at 120 frames per second) and integrated sharing options (like Vine, rare enough to be reported).

But Sony is primarily one of the few brands to offer a credible alternative to Google in terms of content. Shops to purchase games, music and movies are available and within the interface. We note in passing very nice interface Walkman application. Music lovers will be very sensitive, especially since Sony provides Z2 with this first in a smartphone: the integrated noise reduction.

This will use the earbuds MDR-NC31EM supplied with the new phones coming out. Advantage over competing models: no extra battery is required for these headphones. Even if the result does not reach the performance of Bose model, reference material, it is very valuable and very practical. A real plus to finally stay quiet in transport. And especially to differentiate the new HTC One M8 and new Samsung Galaxy S5 coming out.

Notice of MetroNews

the +
+ Finish and materials used
+ Shops relevant content
+ Integrated noise reduction
+ Sealing

the -
- Photo quality up, but disappointing compared to promises
- Classic Interface (too?)
- No remote on the headphones

- Weight: 158 grams
- Dimensions: 146.8 x 73.3 x 8.2 mm
- Screen: 5.2-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels)
- Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 to 2.3 GHz
- RAM: 3 GB
- Storage: 32GB (expandable with SD card)
- Photo Sensor: 20.7 megapixel
- Battery: 3200 mAh
- Price: 699 euros (without subscription)