new phones coming out: Nokia Lumia 930

new phones coming out: Nokia Lumia 930
More than any other feature of the Lumia smartphone range, the new phones coming out 930 is a symbol. That a transition between Nokia and Microsoft Mobile. First flagship to promote Windows Phone 8.1 Lumia Cyan, it bears the marks of an ambitious two-headed strategy, but clearly influenced by Microsoft.

Microsoft has certainly been interventionist during the few years that lasted its industrial partnership with Nokia. Slowly but surely, the Finnish manufacturer has moved away from its conductive lines introduced in 2011 with the Lumia 800. Round and tapered lines, similar to those of N9, the only Meego smartphone Nokia. Lines that Nokia has maintained throughout the three years of virtual independence, with the Lumia 720, 820, 920, 1020 and 1520. Already with the Lumia 925, some differences appear. With the 930, the step is far more pronounced. As if Microsoft had not yet taken on Nokia during the development of this mobile announced a few days before the actual redemption of Devices & Services business which it is today form Microsoft Mobile.

A datasheet of a high-end ... 2013?

The data sheet reflects the desire of Microsoft to impose the new version of its operating system with a symbolic smartphone. Here are the details:
  •      ClearBlack AMOLED screen Full HD 5 inch (441 dots per inch)
  •      Protection of the touchscreen with a Corning Gorilla Glass 3
  •      Chipset quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 2.2 GHz 800
  •      Adreno 330 GPU clocked at 450 MHz
  •      2 GB of RAM
  •      32 GB of internal storage (not expandable)
  •      (Not removable) 2420 mAh battery
  •      Main photo sensor Carl Zeiss Pureview 20 megapixel camera with flash and optical True Tone opening to f/2.4 (1080p video capture at 30 frames per second)
  •      Port Nano SIM
  •      1.2 megapixel webcam with optical opening to f/2.4
  •      Compatible LTE 150 Mb / s, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, Qi wireless charging, GPS
  •      Windows Phone 8.1 operating system with Cyan Lumia
  •      Thickness (perceived): 9.8 mm
  •      Weight 167 grams

Three small comments on this sheet. First, you will notice that Microsoft Mobile didn't want to push forward the use of self-portrait by limiting the definition 720p webcam. Then, it is surprising to find in a mid-year led by Snapdragon 800, while his successor is present in all competitors and that the next generation already toque at the door flagship. This apparently has no consequence on the performance of the smartphone, as we shall see. Finally, the thickness is 9.8 mm announced 'felt'. We understand that this is a marketing trick, because in truth, the mobile is much thicker. However, the curvatures of the screen and the casing must provide a print of a lesser thickness.
Nokia Lumia 930
Nano SIM harbor is accessible without needing to insert a point

A "guy" Design

As we noted in the introduction, the Lumia 930 is very different from other high-end Lumia family. And much to say right now: it seems to us far less subtle, more gruff. A mobile "guy" in some way (without seeming pejorative). We find some similarities with the predecessors, such as the screen slightly rounded on the sides embedded in the chassis, a curvature which corresponds to that of the rear plastic shell. As the Lumia 925, the upper and lower edges are decorated with small lines of separation. Nokia is therefore an effort to give benchmarks.
new  Nokia Lumia 930
Seen from the front, though the mobile is much more square. First, because the glass plate is now into corners (unlike predecessors, where the corners of the screen and the chassis were different). However, the edges remain fairly wide on the sides, but is thinned on top. Below the screen, you will find the touch area with the navigation keys. Funny that Microsoft hasn't bothered to virtualize its touches like Android.

At the rear, it is very simple. Thanks to the flare of the hull, the photo sensor 20 is no longer protruding megapixels. This immovable shell, you will find the speaker, bottom right, and microphone (for the phone down and to reduce noise above). You will notice the absence of mandatory CE code on products sold in European area. The latter was deported on the bottom edge of each side of the microUSB port.
 Nokia Lumia 930 right
Let's turn the other slices. On the left, nothing. On the right, the volume coming out of standby and the dedicated photo button. Great idea to keep a Nokia hardware button to accompany a photo sensor 20 megapixels. Top, 3.5mm jack port and location for nano SIM card. The contour of the smartphone is metal. This has an advantage and a disadvantage. On one hand, this ensures a sturdy construction of the mobile, the printing reinforced unibody design. On the other hand, it radiates more heat if the chipset tends to heat. And indeed, the Snapdragon 800 has this flaw.
The CE mark is hidden on the bottom edge
The CE mark is hidden on the bottom edge

Grip frank and assured

At the grip, the mobile fits comfortably in the hand. The grip is ensured with the feeling of having something really in the palm. We noticed a small clearance between the rear seat and contour. But nothing major. However, the massive design 930 makes use of a 5-inch hand more difficult than on other smartphones, including the Nexus 5.

The AMOLED screen is beautiful. The colors are bright (maybe a bit too). The brightness is good. The viewing angles are open. And blacks are deep. Sometimes a little too much. The contrast ratio is also excellent. Visually, it is difficult to find fault with this screen that provides a clear picture. Even without zooming, it is still possible to read the character of the home page of our site, it said. Slab slides right under the fingers and responds quickly to requests. This mobile is very nice for everyday use, although we regret still a pretty awesome design.

Windows 8.1 on board with Cyan Nokia

As indicated above, the operating system is Windows Phone 8.1 accompanied by Nokia Lumia Cyan software suite. Needless to reconsider the benefits of Cyan Lumia, or on improvements to Windows Phone 8.1. We invite you to refer to the various articles on these subjects. Be aware that the system is perfectly smooth on the Lumia 930 and the platform, perhaps a little dated, but still upscale. When you see that Windows Phone 8.1 works on quad-core Snapdragon 1.2 GHz 200, the task is almost too easy for the Snapdragon 800 ...
Beyond Skype, Xbox Live, Xbox Music, Bing (without Cortana yet), Internet Explorer,, OneDrive or Office, you will find here the range of Nokia: Here, Travel Book, Camera (discussed in the photo section) or MixMusic. To complete an offer via Social App, for example, you offer others from Nokia or third-party. The Lumia 930 also préembarque some of them:, BazarChic, The Weather Team fr chain The PagesJaunes, Viadeo, Facebook, or Vine Voyages-sncf..
 Nokia Lumia 930 application

A small overheating when it is requested

As indicated above, the performance of Snapdragon 800 are well proven. Difficult however to make a technical comparison with Android smartphones. We confine our general impressions. The whole system is fluid and we experienced no slowdown. However, in very specific use (gaming, downloading, video), the mobile began to heat up, which feels at the metal contour (particularly in the lower right corner. Those days when we conducted our tests, the summer moved on Paris. This could play. But we noticed the same behavior on other smartphones Snapdragon 800, like the Nexus 5, for example.
Nokia Lumia 930 game
This trait has unfortunately ruined our gaming experience, which, however, left many thanks to Xbox Live, which enriches every week. Our part of Angry Birds Epic has also held that on Xperia Z2. Except that the mobile has started to heat up. This has cut our session. In video, mobile heated much more slowly. I must say that the Windows Phone platform isn't known to be more open in terms of codecs. So we settled for a 1080p MP4 movie. Very pleasing to the eye, the New Lumia 930 phones coming out is a little less ear. The speaker is really powerful, to the contrary. We had to increase the volume to near maximum to hear the dialogues ... Too bad.
Nokia Lumia 930 video

An excellent camera!

Photo, the result is far better. Like its predecessors, the new 930 phones coming out is built for photo. First, because the Nokia Camera application is really excellent (the native application for Windows Phone 8.1 is not bad, but less complete). The available settings are diverse and varied and will delight those looking to replace their compact camera with a smartphone. The integration of external filters (see below) point the camera application Sony Xperia. The grip of the application is improved by the hardware button that we appreciate so much.
nokia lumia 930 photo
Especially as the result of the photos is up to the expectations. A very good light management. A superb dive. No annoying aberration in the corners (they are inevitable, but the Carl Zeiss sensor compensates well). Colors observed. Detail, even when zooming. In short, it is really good. And to add to this excellent photographic record, upcoming 930 phones saves photos in low resolution (to share from the mobile) and high resolution (to save and to print).
Photo taken with the Nokia Lumia 930
Photo taken with the Nokia Lumia 930

A good high-end, but not impeccable

The Upcoming Nokia 930 is undoubtedly a very good high-end smartphone running Windows Phone, even if the design can be debated, because frankly slice with other high-end Lumia. We were a little disappointed with some of the details, of course. Heating when the smartphone Snapdragon 800 is overworked. Weak mono speaker.

But the qualities of the smartphone up for it easily. The screen. The camera. Native applications from Nokia. The fluidity of the entire system. And greater autonomy for the day (despite a powerful battery that not), even 4G, but if you don't play. Is the price: from 530 to 550 euros before subsidies. The price is honest without being real big deal, like a OnePlus One. Maybe he will wait a little promotion before being tempted ...