New iPhone 6 coming out: Display Sapphire Crystal, unbreakable screen

New iPhone 6 coming out, Display Sapphire Crystal , unbreakable screen

Real Achilles heel of smartphones, the screen of the new iPhone coming out should not be breakable.

It's not uncommon for some people to have to change smartphone, in the same year, after a bad fall, which often leads to the breakage of the screen of the latter. Moreover, for the curious, a study site Love2recycle had announced in 2013 that 24% of devices covered by its services sported a cracked or broken screen. The situation is even more alarming for 2014, with sales increasing up to 30.50%.

To help those unlucky users, the Cupertino should equip its new iPhone 6 coming out a brand new screen based sapphire glass. This glass is used especially in the world of watchmaking, it helps prevent scratches and obviously sensitive. However, Tom reminder that this is not a novelty since the manufacturer Vertu brand of high-end phone is already using for several years, using sapphire glass screens.

The screen of the iPhone 6 video

Enable us to have a glimpse of the quality of the screen of the new Apple iPhone, the youtubers Brands Brownlee and Sonny Dickson decided to upload two videos showing the sapphire crystal resists really good at anything. Keys, knife or bend to break, nothing puts in trouble this screen. 

However, we will wait for the conference possible announcement Apple by September whether the new iPhone 6 coming out will be well equipped with this fabulous display.