iPhone 6: New information and internal components this week

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This week, rumors about the iPhone 6 have been numerous. But they were also more accurate and interesting.

While there still has a few weeks, we could not rely on rumors based models assumed new iPhone 6 coming out, things are more interesting as and as we approach the fateful date will be announced the new Apple smartphone. And somewhere, we say "fortunately! "Since the first leaks that were released there in a few months it had left many people scratching their heads, faces two new screen sizes of course, but especially against a different design and not necessarily prettier ...

Models nothing to prove

So let's start this article with what is certainly the biggest news this week, although many juicy details have been disclosed then. Models, many were quick to photograph every angle to share every detail with the world, does not ultimately represent faithfully the final design. We never say it enough, the rumors are to be taken with the tongs rigor, and these models we happily remember.

The information was released by the Japanese newspaper Nikkei, which published a report about the upcoming iPhone 6 indicate that among some details, the bands that have been observed on all models should simply not be present in the final product, it will be present on the models for the sole purpose of defining the future positioning of the glass plates similar to those disposed on the iPhone 5s and 5. Same fate for round the back of the flash unit. In addition, Nikkei also confirmed that the Apple logo should change appearance, or at least texture. The apple-shaped hole that has been observed on some models and / or chassis should give way to an Apple logo in metal or plastic.
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The first internal components of iphone 6

Confirming information first, a little rumor that targeted models: pictures of very good quality with the front of the iPhone 6 have appeared. If we had been able to quickly observe it there is a little more than two months, these new photos have helped to realize that we have much to do with a screen with slightly curved edges. With a screen with curved edges, first of all we think the use of iOS that may be more convenient, especially regarding actions that should take a page starting from the edge, but it could also allow Apple to offer a totally devoid of angles ... With such a concept design, then we would spend an iPhone 5s with right angles everywhere, to go to an new iPhone 6 coming out with completely rounded edges.

The first pieces from the bowels of the new iPhone 6 coming out have also emerged. Difficult to say whether these are the components of version 4.7 "or the 5.5", but we can certainly understand that these mats for connecting the motherboard to the power button for a, and volume buttons related to the other. Where it gets interesting is that previous iPhone models had only a single mats to connect these three parts together ... or here we have two pieces, as if the buttons related to the volume and Power button were too far from each other.
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IPhone Air program?

At the beginning of the year, January to be precise, some speculators made ​​reference to the name "iPhone Air" for the future iPhone 6, referring to a device as compact as the iPad was the Air in relation to these predecessors. In this regard, some suppliers had apparently already begun the unit designated as an iPhone Air from the beginning of the year ... But then, in February 2014, the Economic Daily News of Taiwan indicated that the iPhone would be a phablette product a little different that would not be sold under the brand of iPhone.

However, new rumors have emerged about this iPhone Air, and it turns out that the phablette version of the new iPhone 6 coming out could again be involved. According to AppleInsider, several sources have claimed that the model 5.5 "iPhone 6 will be called" iPhone Air ". An Air iPhone larger than the iPhone classic, this is possible because the iPad Air is bigger than the iPad Mini ... but then he will be even thinner? Stay tuned!

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And the release date then?

There a few weeks ago, the first rumor from the German operator Deutsche Telekom provided for a release of the iPhone 6 to 19 September, and then only in version 4.7. "If you thought this sensible date with respect to the usual Apple for its product releases calendar, website china.com released this week other information. According to Chinese media, the new iPhone coming out should be presented on September 15, with a view to marketing since September 25, and it's not just because both versions 4.7 "and 5.5" could land at the same time!

Note also that the China.com site also indicates that the new iPhone 6 coming out version 4.7 "could be sold from 5288 yuan (€ 626), equivalent to the price of a 16GB iPhone 5s China now, while that version 5.5 "begin at 5998 yuan (€ 710) 16 GB version also iPhone 5.5" may well be available in 16GB version at launch, versions 32, 64 and 128 GB arriving thereafter.

A wonderful concept to conclude

With so much new information, and especially a beautiful turnaround on design models that many thought the final, it was necessary that new 3D rendering shows what could eventually resemble the iPhone 6. This is the question which have attempted to address Tomas Nicolas Moyano and Aichino (via the Tech Block) by publishing a report containing all the new data. Aside from the flash, which here remains round.

The result is obviously much nicer to look at the dozens of models we talked about in recent weeks. Remains to be seen whether Apple will continue to use these glass plates on the back of the upcoming iPhone 6 as was done on the iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, or if the firm completely change its design to go to a full metal device ...
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