New Amazon smartphones coming out

New Amazon smartphones coming out

The famous Amazon merchant site looking to get firm foot in the world of smartphones. First start on June 18.

After successfully invested the world with Kindle e-readers, Amazon has now embarking on the much more ruthless world of smartphones. While other giants like Motorola or Blackberry almost one knee, Amazon takes everyone against the current account and launch on 18 June its first smartphone. Did not have a name, it will be presented by Jeff Bezos, Amazon's CEO.

In addition to a video posted on Youtube as a small presentation, Amazon announced that for those who wish, invitations may be sent. The world tells us his side that this smartphone will have a 3D interface that would work with multiple cameras placed on the front of the device to monitor the movements of the eyes as if a hologram coming out of the screen.

An output by September

While images of the smartphone have already fuitées past few months, the Wall Street Journal think the new Amazon smartphone coming out to be released in the month of September and could ship the Android operating system from Google. However a modified version where Amazon is will insert all these applications (movies, music, streaming video, books) while excluding rival applications.

According to The Wall Street Journal's goal is not to compete with Apple and Samsung, but to fill the gap in sales of digital content purchased via smartphone. But rather than talking on the conditional appointment on June 18 for a presentation and a formal explanation.