Amazon Kindle Phone announced on June 18?

Amazon Kindle Phone
The U.S. distributor is expected to unveil its smartphone screen 3D on June 18 in Seattle

It was a moment that we had not talked about the new Amazon smartphone coming out. And just to remember our good memories, the online retailer invites us to lend an ear on June 18.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon's boss, will hold a press conference in Seattle that day. Amazon promises the introduction of a new product should be "Amazing", obviously, and including a video teaser was released yesterday evening.

Kindle Phone 3D interface

We do not see the famous product, but only the reaction of people who use it. If you believe the rumors in recent months, the new Amazon smartphone coming out propose a 3D interface and from the video, it does not leave unmoved.

Amazon has already successfully entered the tablet market with the Kindle and especially software ecosystem based on Android, but completely redesigned and controlled by the American giant including its own application store. It will surely be the same with the Kindle Phone. Appointment on June 18 for more information.