Amazon Fire Phone: failure even before its launch?

Amazon Fire Phone coming out
Production forecasts of Amazon Fire Phone are very modest. Excessive caution or admission of failure even before its release?

The Amazon U.S. distributor presented last week his long-awaited Fire Phone. As expected, because Amazon had a pretty successful hit with the Kindle Fire tablet. In contrast, the Fire Phone is more like a damp squib. Indeed, it seems unlikely that Amazon's smartphone reiterates cardboard tablet Kindle Fire, and it seems that Jeff Bezos himself is aware.

This morning, the Taiwanese Digitimes website that gives us clues about Amazon's ambitions. According to the website, the Fire Phone is produced at a very modest rate of 3 to 500,000 units per month, with a forecast of 2 to 3 million devices that come out of the factories by the end of the year.

Fire the phone too expensive at $ 640

Even if it seems high, this figure is incommensurate with the quantities produced at the output of smartphones Apple, Samsung and even LG or HTC.

If these production forecasts are also low, probably because Amazon is on the one hand the U.S. market, with even excluded reserved for AT & T, but also because the device sold without subscription will proposed next month at the exorbitant price of $ 640, a price that puts the Fire Phone at par with the Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5C, at the price, but far from their performance.
As for a Fire Phone arrival in Europe, it is not even mentioned. Amazon probably wait to see the reception given to his smartphone in the United States before considering expanding its marketing to the world.