News new phones coming out Google Nexus 6?

An update on what we know about the next Google smartphone.

Today's question comes to us from Ahmed, who sends us one question per week, it is very regular, and now he asks us if we have news about the next version of Google smartphone, the Nexus 6.

Well, yes and no, and yes. Firstly yes, the Nexus 6 has first been mentioned in January, finally, it is rather pure and simple disappearance of the Nexus brand that has been mentioned. Google would seem preferred stock Android versions, also called Google Play edition. The high-end smartphones best known of the planet and turning on the purest Android version possible, no manufacturer layer and sold only on Google Play store. It has seen the Galaxy S4 or HTC One in Google Play Edition.

Nexus 6: latest news

But this rumor was just mentioned by one person and not supported by Google.

And finally, yes, because just yesterday, small curious have noticed the mention of a Nexus 6 in the source code of Chromium, the browser that comes from Google Chrome. It was also accompanied by the term Nexus 8, which could be the next version of the tablet Nexus.

Again, we will have to wait a few days to get the true from the false, with the Google I/O June, which should shed light on these obscure tracks, but it's not even 100% certain