New Phones Coming Out IPhone 6 on sale in August

New Phones Coming Out IPhone 6

Two screen sizes but two release dates for the New iPhone coming out.

As the date approaches more rumors about the new iPhone coming out are recurrent. While they conjured up this output is in June at WWDC, less likely, a September release, more likely, it could actually be quite different. Indeed, Apple has chosen not one, but two release dates for the new phones coming out: iPhone 6. Due to the two screen sizes offered by the brand.
Thus, according to the Taiwanese press quoting sources close to the production lines, the first models are already in production and their output is provided for the new phones coming out iPhone 6 in August. Thus, two new models would be sold this year. First, a 4.7-inch model, but also another Nearest phablette version, with a screen of 5.5 or 5.6 inches.

80 million units

However, if the first model would be launched in August, the second would be sold him at the same time than in previous years ie late September. To ensure adequate stocks when Apple would launch ordered no less than 80 million iPhone 6 to subcontractors. However, despite recurring rumors about these two screen sizes, two release dates seem to be a surprising choice for Apple should at the same time hold two press conferences or organize one in the middle of August.
Of course, Apple does not comment and does not confirm this rumor.