new iPhone 6 coming out: Many new photos this week

new iPhone 6 coming out: Many new photos this week
New Iphone 6 Coming Out

This week, the iPhone 6 has a lot of talk, especially with a significant number of 3D renderings and pictures of models.

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    There was a time when Apple rumors counted on the fingers of the hand and where he had to look far to get the latest information on future brand products before anyone else. But little by little, things have changed and the leaks are made more and more numerous, now flooding every day specialized sites.

    At the moment, for example, the stolen information about the new phones coming out iPhone 6 flow freely, and almost from the output of the previous model! Despite the holidays, recent days have also been quite rich in leaks and we don't have all released here. It is time to catch up with a small summary of the information appeared during this week.

    No presentation at WWDC, but output in August

    In the beginning of the week , we learned that the opening conference WWDC 14 would not be as oriented new products as we had hoped. If we expected to find the first information about the shows connected Apple, the new phones coming out iPhone 6 or a new Apple TV, the keynote should really be focused exclusively on the news related to operating systems.

    However, despite the absence of ad centered on the new phones coming out iPhone 6 at the developer conference Apple, the device may well make an appearance this summer. According to the Taiwanese media, the first models equipped with a 4.7 "screen would be already in production and should arrive on the market in August . According to the same sources, the following model equipped with a screen 5.5 "could do about her appearance in September, ie at the same time than in previous years.

    Increasingly numerous models

    While early models assumed new phones coming out iPhone 6 made their appearance in late April, we now saw pass dozens and it does not seem ready to stop. site, which had already published a photo of a model at the beginning of the month, did not pray to publish new sharper its model and has even compared to an iPhone 5 photos. Sonny Dickson has also got hold of a model and is he too eager to post some photos on the web, including a putting side by side the three colors of the new phones coming out iPhone 6.

    The site ePrice already known to have shared photos of iDevices well before their release in the past, has finally joined the party this week re-publishing several photographs Moscoat featuring the new iPhone 6 coming out, or at least one of its models. The site has had the good idea to compare the model to the iPhone 5s, but also at the recent HTC One M8 with the back of the new phones coming out iPhone 6 should strongly be closer in terms of design.

    The new phones coming out iPhone 6 compared to GS5 and iPod Touch 5

    After the supposed shell dedicated to the new phones coming out iPhone 6 placed on a iPod Touch by the guys at Unbox Therapy, this time it is a confrontation between the iPod Touch 5th generation and a model of iPhone 6 which was photographed and published by . The opportunity to see if it was not already the case that the new Apple smartphone coming out should look a lot like the latest iPod which was submitted by the firm.

    Note that the Italian site also posted a comparison between the model and Galaxy S5 . This time, the result is less interesting since we see that the new phones coming out iPhone 6 should be almost as cumbersome as its Korean competitor despite a screen still much smaller (4.7 "vs 5.1").



    New 3D renderings from Foxconn

    We had the opportunity to observe some patterns and 3D renderings there a few weeks, then they were quickly forgotten after the appariton many models we told you about. However, these 3D visuals have not said their last word since Chinese website has published pictures from Foxconn factories.

    Rather precise, these plans put forward including the dimensions of the device, ie 138 x 67 mm, but unfortunately omits one detail: the thickness of the smartphone. Apart from that, all is quite consistent with respect to many leaks that we have seen happen.

    An even better camera

    Despite a large number of new leaks, crispy week return date information however quite official. Indeed, Apple has hired Ari Partinen who was the head of Nokia mobile photos so far. The man, who has worked on the Nokia 808 and Nokia N8 Pureview, should help Apple has significantly improved its cameras smartphones. That said, Partinen said on Twitter that this new chapter of his life would begin in June, certainly too late to assist the new phones coming out iPhone 6 ...

    However, it is clear that Apple will integrate new at his camera, as always. And according to a patent spotted by Apple Insider , the company could integrate technology to surpass the maximum resolution of the camera sensor. This method, called "Super Resolution" would be based in fact on an optical stabilization (OIS) to capture several shots just to make one. Note also that this patent confirms that Apple thinks incorporate optical stabilization on the new iPhone coming out ...
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