New HTC One M8 phones coming out unveiled in a stolen video

A flight video of the new HTC one M8 phones coming out has just been published, and then erased and reissued ...

You know HTC showed nothing of the next version of the new HTC One phones coming out, named M8 code at Mobile World Congress. One of the successor will be presented March 25 at an event organized by HTC. However, it appears that a copy of M8 fell into the hands of a crafty who just posted a video of more than 8 minutes in which we discover the M8 in all its glory.

So if you do not have 8 minutes before you, you are afraid of seasickness, because it is a priori filmed with feet, you summed it up in a few seconds. M8 is the bomb, it looks like the One, but with a slightly larger screen, it provides a Micro SD port, a dual purpose at the back to get your shots without fail, the hover buttons have disappeared It runs on Android KitKat and the camera app is different from the One, the first version.

Oh, and one last detail. the person who tested the new HTC One M8 phones comign out in this video is far from being a light because in addition to having made this video a bit anyhow, he left IEMI number appears in the video and HTC the therefore immediately identified. There may be more new tests for the brand.