New Galaxy S5 phones coming out

Samsung on Monday unveiled its new Galaxy S5 phones coming out and we could do a quick tour of the property smartphone. Here is our opinion, hot.
 If you were expecting a big announcement from Samsung this year, including two models of Galaxy S5 with a premium, the manufacturer is ultimately remained a classic rhythm. Available in four colors (black, white, electric blue and gold), the new flagship of the Korean brand has indeed as an evolution of the Galaxy S4 rather than revolution.

As a reminder, the
new Galaxy S5 phones coming out runs on Android 4.4 with TouchWiz overcoat and has a Super AMOLED screen Full HD 5.1 "and is powered by a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor clocked at 2.5 Ghz 801 and supported by 2 GB of RAM. Level mobile connectivity offers 4G LTE Category 4, Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi MIMO. Found at the back backlit 16 Megapixels digital camera with auto-focus ultrafast announced 0.3 seconds while a 2MP sensor is present on the front for video. Notable News, a heart rate monitor and a fingerprint reader are present on the smartphone. Finally, the Galaxy S5 embeds 16GB or 32GB of internal memory, expandable via a microSD slot, and is resistant to water and dust with IP67 certification.

In terms of design

At first glance, the new Galaxy S5 phones coming out not differs so much the S4, it takes a rather similar shape and the facade will not disappoint many people. Only the golden model is different in fact, with a golden gray color rather than on the contour of the mobile and the Home button. Gold on black, the effect is really beautiful! However, it is the back that shows different device with an already nicknamed "tape" or "seal of Nutella" in more than two colors (gold and electric blue) are "stitched" effect in addition to black and white classics.
new samsung galaxy s5 phones coming out
 Finally, a novelty, the heart rate sensor. Accessible via the dedicated application S Health, it saves our finger on the pulse when it arises. 

The fingerprint reader

The operation of the fingerprint reader was revealed by SamMobile few days before the event, but some differences still emerged over what the website promised us. It is placed on the home button and to use it you need to drag his finger from the bottom of the screen. Very simple and fast, unlocking is guided by a small animation at the bottom of the screen that shows where to put your finger to begin his swipe. Contrary to rumors announcing recordable up to eight tracks, it is actually mentioned three different fingerprints, so you can save three of your fingers, or three different users. Overall, the operation of the fingerprint reader works very well and seems faster than the Touch Apple ID while being more natural hair for my taste. 
Furthermore, the fingerprint reader will new S5 Galaxy phones coming out can be used to make purchases via Paypal. If you hear from a moment to talk about mobile payments, it is increasingly present and we are dealing with a truly effective solution. 

Unveiled before the time by various rumors, the private mode that comes with the fingerprint reader will record some secret documents in a special folder protected. Warning that said, if you want to hide something, it will go into private mode before creating the document as it will otherwise be impossible to move it to make it private later.

Speaking of private mode, another mode has emerged with an environment dedicated to children. This allows to leave the smartphone smaller without worrying about what they do. It is possible to add applications and contacts, but also limit access to the smartphone, including via a timer.
samsung galaxy s5 game

The camera

Difficult to say at this time with respect to the photo sensor new S5 Galaxy phones coming out since we have not been able to fully exploit the mobile pictures for the moment, but we can say that the NPC is doing very well, particularly with respect to the speed shooting because during the presentation of its smartphone, Samsung welcomed the offer auto-focus the fastest (mobile): 0.3 seconds. Staying on focus, Samsung, in turn, released its " Lytro fashion ", as did Nokia with Refocus and LG with Focus Magic. The function is called Selective Focus and provides a picture containing several others and thus be able to play on the focus to focus on the foreground, the background or mix the two. The idea is good, but it seems that we are still far from what Lytro offers.

In addition, Samsung has introduced a high performance HDR mode. If until now the shooting HDR did not allow viewing after taking the photo and so after a few seconds of processing, it is now possible to see in real time what will the HDR shooting.

Otherwise, several modes are pre-installed in the device and used directly. The large number of modes which had heard about them will be downloadable from within the menu where you can select the mode of our choice.

Finally, the
new Galaxy S5 smartphones coming out adds the ability to shoot video in slow-motion and record 4K video. Small flat that said since it would seem that it is not possible to edit a video like this is the case on many devices. Here, you can choose between several speeds certainly recordings, but this is the full video will be filmed in slow-motion. 

Redesign of the interface

As foreshadowed think the first little teaser of Samsung, a new interface was introduced. Android aini has been changed so that some parts can be flat design. We find these changes particularly in settings and multitasking where change is rather nice. Beyond that, we have not seen big news with respect to the TouchWiz overlay and it is rather similar to what we already know. 
Speaking of user interface, Samsung has also introduced a new interface for the backup battery. Indeed, a power saving mode was presented by the firm, a way to keep 24 with only 10% battery! To do so, the new Galaxy S5 phones coming out actually happening in black and white mode and provides a simple interface for accessing simply consume less functions of smartphones. For example, you can still make calls and send sms, but the internet will no longer 4G but 3G.

Another emergency mode is also available, it uses the same principles but with additional features related to the phone, for example to identify people to contact in an emergency with one click. The transition to these modes is a bit long but worth the trip.

An output in April

At its conference, Samsung announced the availability of its smartphone for April 11, more than 150 countries, but without disclosing any price.

That said, since information was disclosed and Bouygues Telecom for its part, indicated that the mobile is proposed for 649.90 euros. In Romania, Orange seems to have listed at 699 euros while in Russia it is the site of Samsung that has put the phone on pre-order for 29,900 rubles (about 600 euros).