LG G3: Two press reports leaked on the net

New LG G3 Black phones coming out
Evan Blass has unveiled two pictures on Twitter, presumably rendering press, featuring black and white G3 models.

There are some days we shared with you the first pictures of New LG G3 phones coming out, first via a clear shot not intercepted by GSM Arena, and more recently through three rather sharp photographs clearly revealing what looks like the future flagship Korean brand.

Pending the official announcement of LG end of the month , leaks continue and this time it is Evan Blass, better known under the pseudonym @evleaks , who shared this weekend new images of the smartphone. The opportunity to discover this time the supposed press reports new G3 phones coming out for black and white models.

The proposed G3 with a stylus?

As we have heard here and there several weeks ago, the new LG G3 phones coming out should be very similar to Isai FL model that will be available only in Japan and these press reports allow us to see. That said, the images we present @evleaks are unfortunately less clear than any he could release so far and some elements remain the coup remain unclear, such as the putative sensor on the left side of the camera.

We also noted an irregularity on top of the unit, a hole that could have been taken for a jack if recent pictures had not shown that this famous outlet will be located under the mobile. Speculators have already made their prognosis and are more likely to think that the G3 could be proposed with a stylus, like the Galaxy Note. Nevertheless, it may be noted on the black model as the back of the camera seems to take a brushed look, just like the left think the invitation released earlier this week.
new Lg G3 White phones coming out