LG G3: few hours before the new phones coming out

More than a few hours before the official announcement of LG G3 , so it 's time to do a little summary of what awaits us

As you probably know , tomorrow is the first three events to launch the LG G3 will take place in San Francisco , New York and London. If the event is still expected to finally see the G3 and know its different characteristics , we already know much about it , and this for several weeks now . Within hours of the announcement, so here is a quick summary of what's in store LG and we already have some details .

And start with the features of this new LG G3 phones coming out. Program , we should find a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 801, 3GB of RAM, a 13 megapixel camera sensor with optical stabilizer at the rear , a 2.1 megapixel front camera , 3000 mAh battery a , IPS 5.5 " qHD screen (2560 x 1440 px ) and a speaker 1 Watt. The device will run on Android 4.4 and will ship the KitKat wrapper house of LG , magazine for the occasion with a good dose of flat design. Note that this time the battery should be removable, which was not the case on the G2 and the smartphone should be equipped with a microSD slot.


A revised design and neater

Overall, the new G3 phones coming out is very close to the G2 in terms of design , starting with the buttons that are placed exactly in the same place . But if the buttons are all the same place at the back of the unit , they said it received a facelift and all should be more pleasant to look at, and touch. It is still difficult to be sure , a lot of information and rumors suggest that LG have finally abandoned the plastic to provide a stylish smartphone with a brushed metal finish similar to what new HTC phones coming out offers its One.
LG G3: few hours before the new phones coming out

Anyway, in order to minimize its mobile overweight despite the presence of a giant screen 5.5 ", the firm used the same principle as its G2 and thus further reduces the contours of the screen. In a video posted on YouTube, the company has demonstrated that, unlike many competing smartphones, the G3 should not be very cumbersome ... little more than a mobile with a screen 5.2 ".

New pictures of G3 and QuickCircle Case

Let's use this article to reconsider new leaks last minute on both the smartphone and its protective shell QuickCircle Cabin. Firstly, a Vietnamese site has posted some photos showing the famous G3 along with the latest flagship of HTC, the One M8. The opportunity to note that the back of the G3 should be very similar to that of the One, but also ​​to note that the unit should be a little wider than it... It was to be expected because, despite a reduction in maximum contours of mobile, hard to get out a bit bulky smartphone with a screen 5.5 ".
The same Vietnamese site has also put his hand on QuickCircle Case, already unveiled by LG a few days there, and hastened to publish some detailed photos showing us in detail the famous protective cover. Just like the G3 itself, its protective shell so come in three colors and will have a circular opening, as its name suggests. We do not know yet, but this case will be equipped with electronic circuitry to recharge the G3 wireless via a dedicated charger. Practice! Note that other cases should be sold or not QuickCircle Case without integrating electronic circuit. Pictures are worth more than thousand words, so here are the pictures broadcast by Mainguyen:

Hardware and software innovations?

Among the new material , we note in particular the arrival of the qHD screen and a speaker 1 watt , but also a new sensor to the back of the smartphone , designed to enhance photos and videos. In fact, besides the optical stabilizer, the G3 will carry a laser autofocus assistant for an update much more rapid development. LG should also have a lot of news to present a software point of view and we think for example the revolutionary personal assistant that we had heard about it a few months ago . Apart from a few published at the onset of the first screenshots of the interface details , we had very little information about it and LG should we learn more about it, unless there is nothing to know not?

Note that according Mylgphone , the new LG G3 phones coming out could be marketed at a price rather aggressive towards its competitors ( € 465 to € 620 face the Galaxy S5). In addition, the output of the mobile shop should not be waiting very long and there is already talk of a current availability at least June.