iPhone 6: Some new items this week

Models of iPhone 6 have shown much this week, and we also discovered the panel backlight.

This week, rumors about the iPhone 6 have toured extensively around the supposed model of smartphone. It's become a bit of a habit now, and for a change, a supposed new piece of iPhone 6 is finally appeared on the net: the panel backlight. Although it is impossible to know whether this is a true piece dedicated to the Apple iPhone 6, the person indicates that this panel backlight reserved for model 4.7 ".

A few searches on the net allow you to see the panel shown here is much like the one installed on the iPhone 5s, apart from a few details such as its size, the thickness of the black borders or the length of the connector and its location.
new phones coming out: iphone 6

 A more efficient screen

Last week, we learned that the screen of the iPhone 6 could wear a definition 1704 x 960 px, but didn't know the small innovations that bring famous larger screen. Indeed, the firm at the apple would obviously decided to opt for the "on -cell " technology instead of technology " in-cell " appeared with the iPhone 5.

With this small change , the screen could be much thinner and allow the company to further reduce the thickness of the device, but also more efficient. Program : better color reproduction , reduced response time , no jitter ... well , that's good!

And give iOS a large screen ?

Who says bigger screen , also known adaptation of the OS. And for that, the guys at 9to5mac had the brilliant idea to simulate an iPhone 6 screen using a Moto X , which has a screen just 4.7 " , and make a video. Much to say right now, this video does not tell us much about the iPhone iOS 6 or 8 since this is mere speculation and mounting, but it says it can better imagine what might look like an iPhone with 4.7 "screen .

Another detail to remember , teams 9to5mac is assumed that the iOS interface 7 would simply be enlarged to stick to the edges of the screen 4.7 " , but nothing says that Apple will use this method well . The firm could simply rework the interface to make it more airy and the elements are further apart.

A mold for the props

After pictures of manufacturing molds and photographs of numerous models currently in circulation, we thought we had toured the objects used in the manufacture of the iPhone 6 , yet new pictures have emerged. This time, there is no question of a mold manufacturing but rather a piece of metal in the form of the iPhone 6 and to assist manufacturers of accessories . Apple Insider says that this new piece is indeed a mold used by prop to make their cases, protectors and accessories dedicated .

This new piece is very interesting because it confirms a number of rumors we keep seeing appear. First, we note the rounded design of the room, then the new positioning of the power button or drawing buttons volumes we see . Finally, we can see that the camera sensor is a little bigger and the LED should flash back to a rounded shape.
iphone 6 mold

A new layout and a comparative mega

Difficult to make the round of rumors about the iPhone not to mention the numerous models that continue to appear. This week we discovered some pictures from Romania showing, yet again, a model from all angles. If the photos do not tell us much, Romanian site that said bothered to measure its model and compare it with an iPhone 5S. It appears that it is not much bulkier, with a length of 137.5 mm, a width of 67 mm and a thickness of only 7 mm.
Sonny Dickson had fun comparing the iPhone 6 model with all mobile old Apple the opportunity to see the evolution of smartphones California firm and see how the new iPhone should be fine. Also an opportunity to discover a beautiful family photo!